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Romazing Read: Lorelei James "Black Top Cowboys" Series

This month I'm all about Lorelei James. 

I recently reread her entire "Black Top Cowboys" series, and just finished reading her latest "Hillbilly Rockstar."

This latest book is a nice slow ride, about cowboy living and cowboy loving. Phenomenal.  

The series follows the Lawson family with Hank and Abe and Celia Lawson, then branches out to their best friends from High School and College.

Lorelei James weaves the love stories with cowboys and cowgirls, cowboys and wannabe cowgirls.  All of the men in her books are hot, strong, and little lost. The female characters are independent, loving, and fierce, but imperfect in that they all have their own personal issues to overcome.

The sensual scenes and love stories are great, and I really love how she gives her characters such deep feelings.  Lorelei James is such a creative writer.  More than at least one of the books in this series, including "One Night Rodeo," "Turn and Burn, " and "Hillbilly Rockstar," would be amazing movie adaptations for the big screen.

I highly, highly recommend Lorelei James.  Her books are impossible to put down, each book in her series leads right into the next.  Her characters are people you would want to know in real life.  The lack of foreshadowing keeps you in suspense from beginning to end with little surprises in each and every chapter.

She knows her rodeo, she knows her ranching, she knows the lingo. Her perspective is true.  Her stories go way beyond "boy meets girl" or "girl meets boy."

It's all here: adventure, mystery, intrigue in every love story.  Captivating.

From page one, you know deep down that the happily ever after ending is coming, and to be perfectly honest, that is a big reason why all of us read these books. 

Heck, most of the time I'd settle for the "work in progress ever after" ending

All of her books have that nice happy ending.  Not sicky sweet. Not sappy. 

All of the couples get their own type of happy ending, as they all learn to love in unique, surprising, eclectic, and satisfying ways. All so touching. 

This series makes me want to pick up and go to Wyoming and be a cowgirl.

With everything you'd ever want and more in a cowboy love story, "Hillbilly Rockstar," by Lorelei James, is a first class romazing read.

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