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November 23, 2014 - "Captivated By You," Crossfire Series Book 4, by Sylvia Day

"You're the reason I breathe, I can't turn it off." - Gideon Cross

"Captivated By You," Crossfire Series Book 4, by Sylvia Day, made my heart squeeze! Right from the first few paragraphs, I felt Gideon's love for Eva. "Captivated By You," is my favorite book in this series so far.

Gideon and Eva sent my hopeless romantic dreams soaring as they fight for their love!  Gideon is magnetic and enthralling while Eva is beautifully strong and sexy. They are a perfect storm of intense passion and intrigue. How they are overcoming their pasts and present obstacles makes me sigh and cheer for them both. Without all that friction, you can't make fire!

Just thinking about the last few chapters gets me all choked up. I am a messy crier... 

Every time I  read this book, all I kept saying over and over was..."WOW! This love story keeps getting hotter and hotter!"

All of the twists and turns, ins and outs, and the ups and downs of Eva and Gideon's relationship keeps me crazy excited and panicked all at once. I never saw all the selfish people coming against them so hard. I truly love all the surprises around every corner just when I got settled thinking all would finally be happy between them! 

I love the writing from mostly Gideon's perspective and it lets his personality and passion shine. He can be romantic and sensitive, then protective and dominating.  His motivation in all that he does comes from his heart.

I so get into the push and pull of Eva and Gideon's relationship. As I read, I would get so angry at all the old threats still trying to break them apart, but then I was shocked at all the new dangers threatening them.

I had spent three days rereading all the Crossfire books in anticipation of "Captivated By You," even "Seven Years To Sin." I truly did not want to miss one little moment so I could completely immerse in Cross' world. I cried when Gideon cried and rejoiced when he finally had an his amazing breakthrough. He is so sweet to his sister too! I am emotionally drained!

So I must be insane because I keep rereading these books over and over! Thank You Sylvia Day for such a rush! Thank you for keeping Gideon and Eva's story alive with the next book (coming soon I hope)! Well, as Gideon says, "Crossfire." 

All books are a bit magical to me because I get sucked into the story worlds I'm reading like I'm the main heroine. This book made me time travel. I started on page one and, next thing I know  it's the last page and it's dark outside! I love it when a story sweeps me off my feet!

All of you who have not read of any of these Crossfire Books (I'm thinking are few of you left?), give yourself a gift for the holidays and get them today. Gideon is a sweet hot billionaire, I cannot get enough of! Crazy Good Reading!!

The Crossfire series includes:

"Bared To You"
"Reflected In You"
"Entwined With You"
"Captivated By You"

If you are extra special good to yourself, you'll buy Sylvia Day's book 'Seven Years To Sin" too. 

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