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Hope Burns by Jaci Burton


It's safe to say I have read many many of Jaci Burtons books and all I can say is .... they get better and better in every way. The latest book I read is Hope Burns, part 3 of a series. 

I freaked out a bit when I started reading this story! I swear I almost lost my mind and kept telling myself, "No way I'm reading this!" Her story of Molly and Carter blew me away! I absolutely love love love this story on so many levels!  While I was reading, it was like I traveled back in time, I will not say how far back, but Jaci somehow witnessed or captured a moment in my own life and through Molly and Carter, I relived my youth. Did someone peek at my diaries?

I was so enthralled by this love story that I couldn't put it down until I finished! I was laughing one moment and crying with Molly the next. The tale is so true , so real, and so heart breaking yet her characters are strong, stubborn and eventually courageous to overcome fear or guilt keeping them apart. This story spoke to me to the deepest part of my heart  and I keep rereading it over and over.

I don't write this blog to be a spoiler but I am relieved that Jaci writes for the fairy tale, happily ever after endings, only because I know all too well real life can be not that kind. I cheered at the end of this book and I'm glad Molly and Carter had equal time in this book. I love it when I get to feel both sides of a character's turmoil.    

I enjoy how Jaci continues her other characters from previous books in the series so I can see new developments in their lives,  like a soap opera. I also like how she puts new people in each story to give a little foreshadow of a possible new book!

I am extremely grateful for Jaci Burton's books. I think I have read every single one many, many times over and never get enough! I am so glad she writes with a "happily ever after" in her stories and I'm so so thankful Molly found her's with Carter because I know, first hand, not everyone is so lucky. If only real life imitated art.... we could all go back in time for real and rewrite our first love experience, but I'll settled for this story and dream. 

Bravo Jaci!

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