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November 30, 2014 - "Broken Open" by Lauren Dane

So I spent the first half of this week gorging by myself on "The Hurley Brothers" series by Lauren Dane. Less calories more enjoyment!

I can't start with "Broken Open" and not include the other two books as well. I am not kidding when I say I started with "Lush" and rockstar hottie Damien Hurley as he turns up the sweetness on Mary Whaley aka Curley, as my appetizer.

"You do something to me, Curly. Leave me breathless." - Damien Hurley.

I melted right there! Yummy Hot!

Then I went straight to "The Best Kind of Trouble" and did a little happy dance when Patrick Hurley, aka Paddy, decided to get his "woo on" to win over his past heart rush Natalie. Definitely a main course, over-eat 'til your silly kind of rating on this book.

"You need to be quiet so I can kiss you now." - Patrick Hurley.

I loved it. Hmmmm, SWEET HOT!

Better than pumpkin pie is "Broken Open." Ezra Hurley is a luscious man with so many layers of sweetness. Ezra is coming to grips with his past sins and learning to forgive himself as he tries, but fails, to overcome his weakness for a very cool, very hot, heartbroken woman named Tuesday. I love her name! They are so amazing together and I have never before read such a great emotional dynamic.

"Gorgeous. Perfect. My beauty." - Ezra Hurley.

Theee BEST line!  Awwww! Badass hottie!

Lauren Dane writes all of her guys so true and real. They are ranchers, musicians, and loyal to their families. I like Lauren's books because it's like living in a dream when I'm reading. Every book I read of her's just makes me a bigger and bigger fan. I was hooked as soon as I read "Laid Bare," Erin Brown's story and I just can not stop. "The Brown Family" series, "The Delicious" series, and now 'The Hurley Brothers" series are worth all of your time reading over and over. So instead of pigging out on Thanksgiving leftovers, go indulge on Lauren Dane's novels... your scale may thank you!

Just to throw this out there for my belated "I'm Thankful for..." I want to say thank you to all you amazingly creative, gifted, and talented people out there. You have made my life and many others lives more beautiful and enjoyable with your work. There is nothing like a good book!

Thank you for sharing your gifts in books.

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I am a social media noob. I am sort of celebrating my one month anniversary launch of my website and social media. I am very late to that party but I am thrilled to be able to be in touch with all of you awesome authors, bloggers and other fans of great romance novels.

Thank you for letting me be a part of your world.... Happy Holidays and Happy Reading!

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