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November 7, 2014 - Juliette Jones' books Billionaire and Honey Girl

OMG book fans...Just Fan-Freaking-Tabulous!! These stories by Juliette Jones, "Billionaire" and "Honey Girl," are unbelievably steamy hot! Just pure raw cherry poppin lust at first sight love story! So Perfect! 

I have never read such overpowering, combustable chemistry between two characters ever! This story starts out with an awesome, in your face bold steamy sexiness that is out of this world! I never would have imagined in my wildest dreams Lila was so inexperienced yet so boldly passionate. I absolutely became as addicted to Alexander as Lila did!

Lila is my definition of a true hot mess! Gorgeous yet insecure. Damaged yet daring. A brilliant and strong heroine! Amazing! 

I could not read fast enough to see how Alexander would capture Lila's heart. Speaking of Alexander....Wow!!! Insatiable and Delicious! That "Paris Scene " will be filed in my 'best sex I have ever read' memories forever!! Alexander Wolfe is so decadent, so effing sexy, and so crazy dominant!

I love how Alexander has deep protective feelings, horrific fears, and cries real tears. He is one hundred percent all alpha man! The perfect book boyfriend! 

By the second book, "Honey Girl," I was good and truly addicted! I needed to sit in front of a fan! Phew! Juliette writes really touching intimate and explicit love scenes between Alexander and Lila. I was so fascinated with how Lila and Alexander fought, reconciled, and changed each other in such positive loving ways. I sobbed when a horrible nightmarish turn of events surprise them. I was so emotional, so anxious to see if or how a "happy ending" would even be possible! Nail biter alert! 

I more than just enjoyed reading this series, I devoured it in one sitting! I can not wait for her next book, "Jake!" And for many more books too! 

Now I'm addicted to this Billionaire Series and Juliette Jones' books for life! 

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