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December 14, 2014 - "A Very Merry Cowboy Christmas" - Must Read Series by Lorelei James, Cat Johnson, and Sable Hunter

A Cowboy Christmas. Yes! I know right?! It's thee best idea ever, and all the credit goes to these three romazing authors that I want to write about this week.

First up my inspiration, Lorelei James, who actually coined the phrase "Cowboy Christmas" in her first book of her Blacktop Cowboys Series, Corralled. Two off-the-charts sexy cowboys and one sweet adventurous girl take the phrase "Save a horse, Ride a cowboy" to a whole new level of awesome sauce! I always give credit where credit is due...bravo Lorelei!

 So I thought I'd expand on the "Cowboy Christmas" theme with adding more of my favorite cowboy themed series so everyone can get "roped in and put up wet " too!

Lorelei James, again, has mastered this theme in my mind because she also writes The Rough Riders Series. One of my favorites is Cowboy Take Me Away. I get so emotional when I read Carson and Carolyn McKay's story! I am totally blown away with the undying love and beautiful chemistry they share.

Sorry, but Cowboy Take Me Away is way better than The Notebook. Just say'n. This book needs to be made into a movie!

All of the Rough Rider cowboys are easy to fall in love with and unbelievably sexy! I'm all worked up just talking about them. I need a minute... 

Now, for a very hot "Cowboy Christmas," read Cat Johnson's Studs in Spurs Series. All of these books are so romantic and jammed packed full of sizzling cute cowboys. I loved reading Hooked. Luke and Annie are crazy sweet! They just grabbed my heart and squeezed! 
Champion shows smoking hot love between Cooper and Hannah that is so special I read it over and over.

Cat Johnson's Oklahoma Nights Romance series are too addicting! This series should come with a warning label for hotness! Two Times As Hot truly lives up to it's title with Logan and Emma's love affair. I can not wait for more! All of Cat's cowboys dial up the love and bring the heat. Don't deny yourself all this passion, just get them all! 

Another pick for "Cowboy Christmas" lovin' is Sable Hunter's Hell Yeah! Series and Texas Heat Series and I tell you what.. those cowboys make me swoon! Phew I need a fan! I can't puther books down once I start them. Good thing there's a lot of them! As soon as I finished the 
first, I had to get all the others and I'm still going! Thank the Lord for Kindle. There is such powerful love in each story that I get all choked up just thinking about it! Like in Cowboy Heat, Aron and Libby, I melted when they saw each other in the kitchen and Aron yells, "Tag!" 

Then in Badass, I love how Avery is a secret romance author like "Sable Hunter". Its ingenious really! Gawd almighty is Isaac badass sexy! Get it?...All in all I would say that there is no quit in all those cowboys when it comes to their woman! The lust at first sight is such a turn on!

I really am in love with Patrick and Savannah's story, Forget Me Never. Patrick is not a cowboy, technically, but the heart wrenching pain they have to go through to be together is powerfully haunting. His dirty sexy talk in email is thee best I've ever read. This booked wrecked me so much my heart hurts and now I'm out of kleenex. I'm going to read it again right now...I can't help myself, this story gives me 

All these authors are so wonderfully talented and creative, I just can't pick one favorite! Go to their websites and bless yourself with all of these "Cowboy Christmas" books. If I could I would give them all 10 stars!

Thanks again Lorelei James, Cat Johnson and Sable Hunter for sharing your gifts. I,for one, am extremely grateful! Happy Holidays!

PS : Me being random...I would just like to say "THANKS!" for reading my personal blog. I read, I share. I see myself as just a girl who talks to herself about her favorite books and posts it here. I do it for the sheer joy of books and to spread the love of romance novels. Tootles!

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