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December 23, 2014 - Bangin' Billionaires!!!

In The Billionaire's Temptation Series by Cali MacKay, and The Billionaire Bachelors Trilogy by R.G. Alexander, these two awesome ladies NAIL IT!! What better time to treat yourself to some really steamy and romantic billionaire men than at Christmas?! You deserve some love too! Merry Christmas everyone!

So after all the food is prepared, after all presents are wrapped, after the house cleaning, the bill paying (ugh!), and the cookies are plated for The Big Man....Draw a luxurious bubble bath, grab one of these books and soak away to fantasy billionaire-land. It does seem every one of these guys have thee perfect bathroom!! I've always wanted someone to write, "You had me at spa tub with jets!" I'm not a hard sell, I guess I'm just a tub whore..Hey! No judgey! A girl wants what a girl wants.

Cali MacKay writes The Billionaire Temptation series from her heart and from her roots, obviously New England. I love it!! I'm a former New England girl myself so I love to hear her mention different areas and tourist attractions. I know she changes the names but I can picture in my mind everywhere Cali mentions. Her Billionaires are hot, alpha, passionate and adorably flawed. Perfect!! The stories are not just super sexed up but also a have hint of dangerous mystery. The billionaire brothers angle are one of my favorites. All that alpha hotness in one family... Phew! I so enjoy reading this series and love how each book has a cliffhanger to lead in to the next book. Truly inspired! When I get sucked into Cali's world, I never want to leave! 

FYI: Cali posts thee sexiest men pics on her fb page.... Just sayin.

R.G. Alexander's sense of humor and sexy genius shines through on every page in The Billionaire Bachelors Trilogy of four hot men. I love the gossip columnist angle! It gets the sexy billionaires all riled up and out for yummy passion! I really love to watch confirmed bachelors fall in lust, and fall hard they do, in this series! Each guy has a very distinct personality and each story is unique. I found the friendship they have that binds their trust and loyalty together so heartwarming. I can really sense the love and passion with the women they each choose as the love of their life. It's like I was falling in love all over again, and again, and again.... Yay!

Isn't book love grand?!

On the one hand, I groan out load to see a book end but then I open the next book and I'm cheering! I am seriously a book addict and I see no cure in my future, especially when authors such as Cali MacKay and R.G. Alexander have brilliant billionaire series hunks that I HAVE to HAVE!! 

Hope you all have a very sexy book filled New Years too! I can't wait for all the awesome books waiting for me in 2015! My New Years resolution is... Sleep less, Read more.. 

You all keep writing and I'll keep reading... Thank you ladies!

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