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Who I'm reading right now: Bianca Sommerland

Right now, I'm reading a stack of books by Bianca Sommerland.
So, so great!

I'm reading:

Dartmouth Cobras Series

  • Game Misconduct
  • Defensive Zone
  • Breakaway
  • Offside
  • Delayed Penalty
  • Iron Cross

Highly recommending this amazing author!

I've been binge-reading Bianca Sommerland's 6-book Dartmouth Cobras Series.
I could not put the books down!  Each of the six books are unique, and very suspenseful.

You need to read these books in order, starting with Book One - Game Misconduct.

Bianca's books are a lot different than any of the other books I've read so far in this BDSM genre.

Her character development are very detailed, very intriguing. Her scenes are so descriptive.

Book one introduces almost all of the characters right off the bat, and they all develop over time, which is awesome.   
All of her characters' story lines overlap, and each book leaves you really wanting to get the next book right away.

Bianca Sommerland's books really revolve around the relationships, and not the clubs which is refreshing.

In most of the books I read, everyone is at the club. All of the character interactions are at the clubs, and everyone is in a scene.  
Bianca takes it out of the club most of the time, and it's all about the hockey players - the main characters. Even though there is usually one female, except the last book, the rest of the main characters are men.  Bianca writes with a lot of feeling, and that shines through in each character, whether they are on the ice, or dealing with their relationships at home.

Bianca's books all center around hockey.  All of the men in every story are on the same hockey team.  All the men have passion for the game, and you can feel that in her writing.
The hockey scenes are awesome.  I grew up in New England, and I love hockey. I used to love to play hockey with all of the boys in the neighborhood. Bianca Sommerland could have been a hockey announcer in a past life. She paints the scene so well.  While reading this series, at points I felt like I was at a hockey game.

She even lists the lineup of players and their positions in the front of the books, like it's part of the Table of Contents. Amazing.

All of the books' relationships are turmoiled.  Some are anxiety-inducing, and suspenseful, and not because they are murder thrillers, or spy dramas, but because all of her characters are flawed, with their own personal imperfections, and Bianca keeps you on the edge or your seat, 
wondering how these characters are going to work it out.

None of her relationships are a "done deal."  Each of these relationships start out thinking they are going to go one way, then they twist. 
In the end, I never had the feeling that these relationships were going to end "happily ever after" because each book, even though it has a resolution, with some peace or an understanding or some communication between the partners in each relationship, the next book 
finds these relationships in jeopardy in new ways. Each book in series leaves you wondering, "Will they make it? Can they overcome these new obstacles?"

It's really very interesting how Bianca Sommerland continuously grows each character from book to book, all the way through to the last book.  All of the characters introduced in books one through five are still in the story line in box six.
It's better than the best Soap Opera.  No spoilers here...

While reading this book, a lot of the scenes put a smerk on my face, while still others made me laugh out loud.
Sometimes, I actually dropped a few tears, because there are a few scenes in each book that can really get you all choked up.

Bianca is a very heartfelt writer.  I so enjoyed this series.  I sure hope Bianca continues this series, because I am extremely invested in these characters.

To everyone who loves romazing books: You have to binge-read the Dartmouth Cobra series! 

You will not be disappointed.

If you've already read this book series, what was your favorite book? What was your favorite scene in this series?  What your most romazing quote from the series?

Let's talk about it! Ready. Set. Discuss...

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