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January 1, 2015 - Seductive Nights Series by Lauren Blakely

Happy New Year! 

Let me just start with a giant HUG to all the awesome authors I read last year! 

I have butterflies in my belly thinking about all the new books and new authors on my "2015 Must Read list." Definitely have "Sleep less, Read more" as my New Years Resolution! 

The whole list of authors I read in 2014 can be found on my site on its own Romazing Authors page... I'm always adding more. I read tons of books. The more I read the more you all inspired me to start not only my website/ blog, but all the social media as well. It's been such a joy to my heart to be "stalking" all of you on Twitter, Facebook, and now Tsu. A few months ago I had no idea how awesome www-land could be! Before in literature, there was Mr. Darcy writing a letter to Elizabeth Bennett, now it's all about the techy correspondence. I finally entered the modern age... Though I still write letters on actual paper, I think it's romantic.

I spent the holidays going to as many online book parties as I could. Thanks for all the free or sale priced books! I can't wait to dig in!

So from a FB post, I have been reading a new author to me, Lauren Blakely, and her series Seductive Nights. I gave all her books five stars on Amazon, she had me seduced at the first page! I really enjoyed the push-pull dirty talk between Clay and Julia. I loved the bit of suspense not knowing what trouble from their pasts were going to jump up and bite them in the ass. The long distance relationship was such a great twist and I loved all the sexting back and forth! Brilliant! I really was nervous by the time I got to the end of the first book because I really thought they might truly be over! I wasn't sure if happily ever after was in the cards for them! Lauren Blakely put on her poker face and I fell for her bluff! 

Then In Lauren Blakely 's next series Nights With Him (Seductive Nights: Jack and Michelle), I kinda wanted to slap Michelle for the way she back-stabbed Julia and then her so called confession to Clay...but unrequited love does suck! In time, I got over it because Jack and Michelle's chemistry is off the charts explosive! I love that Jack is a sex toy millionaire God and just rocks Michelle's world right off its axis! Lucky Girl! I was also really touched by how they truly complete each other and sacrifice so much to be together. I am glad she got her man! It was so romantic! A very steamy story and some parts made me blush!! Can not wait for her Forbidden Nights series on March 17!

New To Me.. Authors and Books to start my 2015. Happy Dance! I read everything from every genre so I know this list has a sweet fix for everyone's book mine!

Samantha Kane - Brothers in Arms series

Mari Carr - Wild Irish series

Lexi Ryan - Here and Now series

Chelle Bliss - Men of Inked series

V.M. Black - Cora's Choice Vampire series

Red Phoenix - Brie Series

Jodi Ellen Malpas - This Man Trilogy

 Also look for these book series by a collaboration of authors for amazing reading...

1001 Dark Knights

Invitation To Eden

Remember: The best kind a time travel is in a book!

My Wish for you all ...Have a very Happy Healthy and Book Loving New Year!!

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