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October 18, 2015 - Hot! Hot! Hot! Historicals!

Wild, Wicked and Wanton Series by Natasha Blackthorne is now out as one sweet boxed set!

All four stories are erotically edgy and powerfully passionate regency-era romances that are unlike any thing I've ever read in this genre...spanking hot and heart-melting at the same time! Really amazing lust to love to happily-ever-after adventures!

After experiencing the fantasy-fueling magic of Grey and Beth's fiery wanton passion, and then Alex and Emily's wildly intoxicating makes me believe I'll never, ever underestimate the power of love again... I loved how these wicked-amazing women-out-of-time heroines seductively and determinedly fight for their dreamy dominant heroes and their own happiness.

Natasha Blackthorne Wild Wicked and Wanton Series.JPG

I'm also  addicted to these strong, wealthy and angsty heroes who expose all their inner demons, their inner fortitudes and all their dark salacious sexual desires, while also dismissing society's condemnations of their lover and overcoming their haunting pasts. Exquisitely heart-wrenching stories with beautifully evolving characters that are real, warm and so enthralling.

Can they conquer all their fears to finally have that deep, once in a lifetime, soul to soul connection with their one true heart-mate? So brilliantly and passionately written with hints of lurking dangers to make all four books such fascinating reading! Absolutely swoon-worthy!

These super steamy stories will leave you blushing, panting and breathless... floating away to the romance-land clouds...then desperately one-clicking for more of Natasha Blackthorne's scorching hot erotic novels to wrap your heart around when you finally float back down to reality!

Grey's Lady

What amazing fiery passion and all-consuming lust that fills each and every page in this thrilling and heart warming story! Grey and Beth have an instantaneous combustible attraction that can not be quenched with only one heated clandestine carriage ride on a stormy day. No, they have an addictive, primal, soul to soul connection that could only happen once in a lifetime.

Grey sees the effervescent beauty, Beth, boldly seducing him with just one look through her fluttering's as if lightening has struck him, and his heart is completely and irrevocably ensnared for eternity. Now how to entice the brazen and wanton vixen to stay in his bed forever...A woman could become addicted to this sort of passion! Brilliant! Absolutely the most erotic historical romance I've ever read! This story takes lust at first sight to a whole new level of sweet awesomeness!

White Lace and Promises

What a beautifully erotic emotional roller-coaster! Part two of Grey and Beth's affaire that's now being attacked by constant evil bombardments trying to destroy them. In spite of their ravenous desires for each other, all their painful misunderstandings and the direct cuts of heartless meddling peers is slowly chipping away at their trusting relationship. I couldn't believe how their red hot unbridled lust was fizzling out now that they've become officially engaged, as proper society leeches the joy right out of them!

Grey's obligations are slowly, painfully dissolving their loving soul deep connection. At the same time, Beth is so gripped by insecurities trying to conform herself into a lady she thinks Grey the marriage doomed before it's even started? Grey desires the gregarious Beth he fell for, not the staid Elizabeth she's become, and Beth needs her salacious and insatiable lover Grey to share to her bed every night again...Beth decides enough is enough...Nothing will ever come between this wildly audacious woman and the gorgeous gentleman who owns her wanton heart...nothing. This has the perfect happily ever after ending!! Beautiful!

Alex's Angel

Talk about desperate times calling for drastic measures...what fortitude the idealist artist Emily shows when she is dealt some cruel hardships in her life and survives, only to be left destitute and vagrant. Emily is stubbornly driven to make a difference in the world, even if it means her only hope to make a few coin is to sell her virginity.

Alex, a rich, respected but a war-broken man, is out to find an escape in the seedy part of town. He spy's a doe eyed waif lurking in the window and cannot resist the magical pull he feels for her. She may be a harlot, but she may also be his only saving grace. Alex soon realizes that only Emily's angelic love is the soothing balm for his restless soul. Both Alex and Emily's lives are at a crossroads...

It all boils down to they do some soul-searching to find an honest compromise and trust each other's love or just walk away forever. I loved experiencing this very sexy and loving story! I love that it exposes two fragile and fractured people with real heartaches and real triumphs that's so tender and heartwarming, it moved me to tears...

And it's so engaging that it makes me hold my breathe in anxious anticipation hoping and praying for Alex and Emily to finally let go of their blinding fears and to just trust in each other's complete devotion. I can never ever get enough of Natasha's novels! It's like being in the best romance time machine that'll sweep me up and drift me back to the most exciting and erotic places in the eighteenth this series!

Emily's Seduction

What a salacious sequel for Alex and Emily! All of their love and passion just burns up the bedchamber, but their lives are not getting any fact, things are getting more complicated with too many lying whisperers and hidden secrets swirling around them. Alex's horrific past has reared its ugly head and haunts his thoughts incessantly, while Emily is floating on air, a dreamer, completely devoted and ready for marriage.

His gripping fears has Alex building thick emotional walls and keeping Emily at arms length. When they're sexually intimate, it's pure heavenly elation and a newfound freedom unlike anything he's ever known...all of Alex's dark lusts and needs fuel and inflame his love to deeper's as if he can finally just breathe when he's in Emily's arms.

Their slow growing bond, and the steadfastness in Emily's trusting love is the miracle Alex needs can Alex seduce his angel into his dark world without tarnishing her glowing perfection? This story has so many highs and lows, pains and joys, inner battles and emotional victories, that has me believing to never underestimate the power of's such a brilliant reading rush on every page, that totally captivated me, whether I was happily cheering or wiping away tears... This is an edgy and beautifully written story that has to just be experienced! I loved falling in love with Alex and Emily's story...just amazing!!


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