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November 30, 2015 - I'm In Book-Love!

Woo-Hoo! Book Lovin' Time! Three New Book Releases! Three exciting romance novels that just came out this month and need to be one-clicked right now! I just know you're going to fall head over heels in book-love with all three of these stories as much as I did! Thank You for all these wonderful ARCs Rosanna, Bella and Eve!  You lovely ladies rock!! 

Night Lover by Rosanna Leo

Spine-tingling Sexiness! I've never read anything like this! An amazing paranormal erotic romance that's heart-pounding and bone-chilling while still so sweetly romantic at the same time...let's just say Night Lover played all the dreamy-hot notes perfectly! I loved all the steamy spookiness and scary suspense! I really enjoyed all the strange jealousy and caveman angst in a very unique love triangle between the ghost, the singer and the, now that's one insanely crazy ménage! I loved how the story feels like a present day contemporary and a historical regency, by being bounced back and forth between the eighteenth century and the present day to unravel the mystery of the torturous incubus curse. I loved the opera setting with the sadly haunting Mozart's Requiem taking center stage, almost as if the music is another dark character pulling everyone together...So eerily good!!

The souls of all three main characters are so fragile and gripped by their pasts...Renata, an opera singer, is distraught and lonely, looking to fill the void left by lost loved ones, and she's being not just any spooky "boo" in the night...nope, she's has a ghostly night lover making all her sexual fantasies come true while she sleeps. Now Finn, Renata's not-so-ex, is a her new conductor in London and uses his position to win back his biggest regret, Renata...he will do whatever it takes to keep her in his arms forever.

Then there's the gorgeous incubus of the hour, Hugh Dawlish ... I absolutely adored falling in love with Hugh, who's been pining for his one true soulmate, Claudia, for two hundred years... Ok, now go grab a box of tissues because reading all the romantic entries in Hugh's journal was so heart melting and made me a weepy mess! I lost count at how many times my heart broke and I cried for Hugh and Claudia's denied eternal love ... so so beautiful!! I love how this story slowly adds layers of sexy excitement, creepy intrigue and even faith-filled rays of hope...keeping me on edge and constantly guessing about the murder mysteries and all the frightening hauntings ... Gave me goosebumps on my goosebumps!

A wonderful love story with a beautifully inspiring message ... A Ghost Lover's Dream Read!

Now let's give a big shout out to the next two awesome authors! These are their brand new debut novels....Whoot Whoot!! *Claps Wildly!*

Resplendent Ruin by Bella J

Instantly Infatuated! I love this debut novel! Bella J wrote such a fantastic, exciting, gut-wrenching love-triangle drama with so many surprising twists! Such a compelling, sweetly - heated contemporary romance that kept me glued to every page and tugged real hard on all my heart-strings!

This title fits the story so perfectly...a gorgeous, striking and imposing millionaire, Knox Taylor dazzles and frazzles the very unavailable, beautiful, professional CFO, Juliette Mason. Knox's sexy charm instantly flips Juliette's switch...from simply existing in her status quo comfort zones, to engulfing her into a fiery, brilliant, passion-filled resplendent ruin...that irrevocably changes Juliette's life forever! Who will Juliette choose...a lifetime with the long time fiancée, Daniel, who has loved her, albeit neglectfully, for years...or the exciting, stunning, boundary-pushing Knox, who makes her heart sing and her body sizzle?

This story has so many crazy-good feels!! I laughed at Juliette's sister's sassy and brazen humor, I really disliked her conniving, nosy mother, and I felt a little bad for all of the fiancee's heart breaking issues, but what I liked the that I teared up over all of Juliette's Inner turmoil, heartache and self-sacrificing choices! Knox and Juliette's addicting soul-to-soul chemistry jumped off the pages and wrapped me up in their sumptuously forbidden love affair...I really didn't want the story to end!

Just Wow! A Dreamy and Romantic Must Read! 

Degrees of Control by Eve Dangerfield

Wonderful Reading! I'm in full-blown book-love!

I am so happy I got to read this story! So incredibly unexpected and fabulously erotic! A great cast of smart, endearing, funny characters and a ton of mind-blowing sexy times! I think I have a bit of a girl crush on Charlotte, aka Charlie. She's refreshingly honest, a fun friend and a really cute hentai-like yoga girl! Charlie and James couldn't be more different from each other, true opposites in every way, but they have a special spark of instant connection that's so intense but so vulnerable at the same time that actually makes them perfect for each other because neither are as they seem on the outside... Their push and pull drama and all that super steamy role play was so edgy! It's kind of intoxicating! I'm still fanning myself!

Charlie is this sweet and sassy Aussie, with a really kinky twist inside, while James is a rich, charming executive with model looks and control issues... She's quick witted, kind and learning to be a bold new girl and he's so angsty, dominating and newly discovering how to trust...I have to just say this ...I'm so hooked on James' hot dirty-talkin' Texas twang...made me blush!! James and Charlotte become ensnared, enamored, even a little addicted to each other, until real feelings wiggle in to the mix and mucks it all up...

The title is so fitting because I felt all the many degrees of control each of them exert over each other and over themselves throughout the whole story right up to the very end, and as James and Charlie work out the root of their problems and get their hearts aligned and healed with their true desires ...and what a very romantic ending... Loved it!

A brilliant and charming read that I highly recommend for any one looking for a love story full of surprises and a very different take on this kind of BDSM...A sexy kinky romance must read!


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