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December 12, 2015 - Rapturously Risqué Regency Reads!

The Regency Risks Bundle by Natasha Blackthorne is this regency lover's dream! I am book-crushing on this beautifully risqué book bundle in a major fan-girly way! I love to read them over and over!

I can never seem to get enough of Jonathon Lloyd or Stephen Drake! Both are powerful, dominant, and ultra-dreamy heroes who love to take their woman in hand, and over their knee! They are thee perfect book boyfriends in all their darkly edgy and alpha bad-boy glory!

Then there's the bold and brazen heroines, Anne and Rebecca. They are so beautifully wanton and woman-out-of-time amazing! They not only risk their lives and reputations for love, but also rescue their ultimate dream man's soul ... True love can conquer all ... 

So romantic, so passionate and really salacious light BDSM, that's mixed with lots of mystery and danger ... making these stories the most decadently addictive regency romances that I've ever read!


A Measured Risk (book one)

Now, this is quite the emotional story about a recently widowed young Lady and a very sexy, entitled Earl that is out of this world erotic! I love love this steamy story!

It's the Autumn of 1818, England, and the Countess of Cranfield, Anne, is in a heated disagreement with her cheating, boyish, louse of a husband in their carriage. Catastrophe befalls them and Anne is now a traumatized widow, wealthy beyond her dreams but locked up tight in her mental isolation, immobilizing fears and an outcast by the jealous ton.

Then a fateful meeting a year later at the stables, with a very debonair, Viking warrior-looking Jonathon Lloyd, The Earl of Ruel, rescues Anne and exposes her neglected heart.  Jon commands her thoughts and compels her body to long for the forbidden, dark desires she has only ever dared dream of ... until now. 

Jon and Anne are instantly attuned and drawn to each other. Their connection and passion is formidable and unnerving, but addicting and undeniable ... The libidinous dominant, Jon makes the intellectual, curvaceous Anne an extremely risky but tempting offer. He will help Anne conquer all of her fears if she will become his submissive, sexual plaything for one month...His to own. I love this ... "Temptation tingled through her, increasing with every beat of her heart ... Reckless." 

Oh so very true! Their untamable desire is wildly incinerating! What's a girl to do? Should she just take this measured risk to accept Lord Ruel's tantalizing offer and pray she survives with her heart in tact? 

This story of Jon and Anne is just so fantastic, I really want to squeal with joy! This story is everything I could ever want in a book! So much passion and heart warming moments between Jon and Anne that Is so captivating and erotically edgy at the same time! There's also the slow build up of deep, abiding love, with a lot of light D/s foreplay that is just so freaking hot! 

I love how Jon may dominate Anne's body and heals her traumatic fears, but Anne truly has control of Jon's heart and soul! Such an amazingly beautiful and kinky love story that left me spent and a bit emotional..but in the best way!

Trust Me (book 2)

An amazing sequel for Jon and Anne ... One of my top favorites!! This story is incredible ... like a wonderfully kinky fairy-tale with a damsel in distress and a gorgeous hero to save her ... or tie her up and spank her!!

I love how loving and special the BDSM play is and I love seeing how they both grow and blossom in the dynamics of D/s. Again, I'm so overwhelmed at how intensely passionate Jon and Anne's love is ... just so addicted to each other ... it's pure magic to read!

All their trials and tribulations continue as they wade through the murky obligations of society ... everyone believes Anne is mad, insane, and not a good match for Lord Ruel. Jon cherishes his attachment to Anne and finds deep satisfying love commanding her to submit to his needs. Anne lives for Jon's happiness, but knows she may be a liability to the earldom, future heirs, and even Jon himself if she can not manage being his wife in every way... especially getting past her traumatic issues and all the hateful gossip by his ex-mistresses.

It all comes down to taking that risk to fully trust in the end...trusting their hearts and trusting in each other above everything else... I really, really love this story!!

Perilous Risk (book 3)

The mistress gets her day!

The sweetest revenge on all the nasty nay-sayers is to have a good and happy life ... It's never too late to fall in love and Rebecca, this older, ex-mistress of Lord Ruel, discovers there's more to her life than being the abused widow, or a cast-off lover or even a belittled apothecary mid-wife that no one ever appreciates.

Instead she finds adventure, danger and true adoration in the arms of the young man that has always haunted her dreams. The heart wants what the heart wants and Stephen Drake has longed for Rebecca since he was only eighteen in the Dragoons. Now he is a Baron, a spy and a full grown man, and man enough to take Rebecca in hand ... whether it's her hand in marriage or his hand spanking her over his knee, well that's up to her.

When Rebecca stops running from all the evil blackmailers fueling her fears and turns to run straight into Stephens's loving arms instead ... I just melted! They soon discover that their love will heal all their wounds, and time has grown their fondness so much deeper.

So beautiful and just a whole lot of wonderful in this story!! I love the salacious and edgy surrender in the intense BDSM trust, the amazing excitement and danger lurking around every corner, and a gorgeous historical setting that was pure magic to read!

I adore this story and I can't wait for more of Natasha's books!!


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