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December 19, 2015 - This Hopeless Romantic's New Reads!

Lucky You!

Don't miss these new must reads! December has been a great new book month, and I've had the privilege to read these super special books. You all need to One-Click these sexy-steamy, heart-melting romances right now! Just think of it as an early gift from you to you ... Happy Holidays!

Wren's Redemption by Katherine Deane

Whoa baby! Now this is a nicely naughty story with lots and lots of sexy spankings! It made me blush and tingly all over! Crazy Hot! So erotically edgy and so incredibly heart melting!

Wren and Jonathan are magic together! I adored the emotional ups and downs, all the doubts and fears and especially the explosive forbidden love between the rebel gymnast and the kinky coach. Such an engaging, daring and bold read with lots of heart and angst that's so creative and original!

Wren, a stubborn purple-haired gymnast, fallen from grace, is trying to redeem her image, her career and her broken heart, but in all the wrong ways. Her new coach and her perfectly imperfect superman, Jonathan has decided to take hold of the reins in Wren's life in every way, to build her back up to the Olympic star he knows she truly is deep inside. Of course, it's with lots and lots of mind-blowing red-hot spankings and Jonathan's special brand of charismatic kinky dominance. I'll never forget that amazing use of Ben Wa Balls! Wow!

A wonderfully romantic story in every way with lots a sweet erotic kink and heated loving passion!! I smiled, I laughed, I held my breath and cheered ... I even shed a few tears of joy! The really great ending nailed a perfect ten! 

My very first book by this author and definitely not my last! Thank you for sharing your lovely book with me, Katherine!

Punished (Crescent City Creatures 1) by Samantha Stone

What an exciting debut paranormal sweet romance! Such a fun read! So many different creatures, so many dangerous plot twists, and so many sweetly intimate moments ... I really enjoyed reading this very fresh and wonderfully unique story!

All the many different paranormal creatures was fascinating, most I've never even heard of, and all the different POVs from many different characters was so interesting!

I loved Mary. She's strong, devoted and determined while also being fragile and vulnerable, unknowingly a powerful creature herself. Raphael is a most unusual werewolf, big and fierce for sure, but very honorable, gentle and kind as well. Raphael and the other weres have been punished for hundreds of years, for petty crimes and now seek freedom, no matter the cost. The thrills and anticipation builds and builds until all the evil shape-shifter's plans are finally exposed and there's a traitor in the midst ...

Raphael knows his curse can be broken and his powers released with Mary's love, but now, how can he keep her as his mate for eternity and escape the death order on his head? 

Love paranormal stories? Then this action packed adventure with lots of heart and just a kiss of spicy sexiness is just what you're looking for! Werewolves, banshees and ghosts ... oh my!

Thank you for such a fun ARC Samantha!

The Sun and The Moon by Leslie McAdam

Accio-Amazing Debut!! All the feels! You've got to get your hands on this sexy surfing Sun God, like right now! I really, really got into this story and how it felt like I was reading a deeply personal secret diary, or maybe even as if Amelia was speaking right to me, like we are just a couple of BFFs dishing on our sex lives. So sweet!

Amelia is warm, quirky and funny while being a bit of a dorky train wreck ... slowly by surely winning her daily battles with her heartbreaking depression. She is a stunning, controlled professional on the outside and a beautiful mess on the all the Harry Potter shout-outs was really awesome! I love how the "mischief was managed" by Ryan and her "magic wand" *wink* Accio-orgasm! Just Adorable!

So many rules, so many issues, and so many things holding her back from being her true happy self. This story oozes romance, steamy passion and sweet sensuality on every page ... lots and lots of Amelia's no-go sex rules must be broken and Ryan is just the sex-pert surfer and coffee mogul to be breaking her dark dry spell with his own special brand of magical sensual healing... the sin-sational, ab-tastic Adonis is the hot Sun God to Amelia's cool moon goddess that keeps their world spinning wildly...Ryan is Amelia's true north, guiding her through the stormy seas of her depression to cross her into a bright, sunny, and love-filled new life ... Accio-Heart-Melting!

I solemnly swear I am up to no good as I go back to read this again and again ... Ryan is just too yummy not to read over and over ... and what a spanking-hot love-fest ending too!! So so great! 

Thank you for the ARC Leslie, and I can't wait to read more of your books!


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