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March 1, 2015 - Blueprint: Lizzy and Blueprint: Edward by Lesley James - Bold! Yummy Naughty Bits! Brilliant!

I think I just fell in love with a new book series! Lizzy and Edward's books are Absolutely Blow Your Mind Amazing! Same story, two books, but from two very different perspectives! So Clever! These books are Irresistible! Playboy Multi-Millionaire is blown away by Voluptuous British Architect, let the fireworks begin!

Blueprint: Lizzy, aka Elizabeth George, immediately pulled me into her whirlwind life with flashbacks of a douche-bag ex-boyfriend during a sexy, soapy shower scene that was very moving and so steamy hot! The way Lizzy fully embraces her sexuality, bold and self confident, is so refreshing. I really love all her creative, sexy spontaneity! Lizzy is such a fun and witty woman whose addicted to all things chocolate, has a cat named Damon and bakes perfect BFF! I really want to know how to get my hands on some Lemon-Drizzle cupcakes. Please?

Lizzy is intelligent, beautiful, and a bit of a workaholic with a pinch of stubborn. Ok, maybe more like a cup of stubborn. When Lizzy and Edward are introduced, sparks fly, but the rude, impatient Edward wickedly misbehaves. He asks Lizzy, during an office meeting, "Do you masturbate, Miss George?" Really! Oh I agree Lizzy, a total wanker! He went from hot to not in a snap! I cheered "You Go Girl!" when she walks out. Totally loving her "ballbreaker" principles. What a girl does in her own shower is her business! Just how great is it when Lizzy makes Edward practically beg forgiveness afterwards? Lizzy does eventually cave to the dirty talker's charms of course, but Lizzy's no fool (been there, got the t-shirt). She knows of his player reputation and makes a game plan. Lizzy's slow growing devotion to Edward makes me melt! Deeply romantic at heart, Lizzy allows Edward's affections to crumble all her walls. She even goes on a secret quest to help Edward. Will she forgive him when brutal reality cuts out her heart?

Blueprint: Edward, aka Edward FitzWilliam, is the gorgeous American multi-millionaire rake coming to England to not only plow through the thighs of every willing female within a ten mile radius, but to expand his master plan of world property domination. He just oozes crazy hot sexiness! Edward's story intrigued me the minute I see Edward wake up from a night of casual fucking, only to find a woman sucking his cock. He's a "hit it and quit it" kind of guy. He only wants sex and money, no commitments. He has deeply guarded secrets that he believes no one needs to know, not even close friends and especially not Lizzy. Is Edward's crusty facade only to protect his secret or his heart?

Edward abruptly gets knocked off his arrogant throne when the irresistible tornado Lizzy blows into his life! Edward says, "She called me a wanker, remember. Put me firmly back in my box!" I love how Edward is shocked he has to grovel to win over Lizzy and her architecture company. Edward has to do some serious chasing to seduce Lizzy, which is uncharted territory for him. Lizzy and Edward's instant connection and sexual chemistry is incendiary! He's in awe that this woman is his equal in the boardroom and in the bedroom. Seems Edward has met his match! It's great fun to watch Edward get jealous and completely unbalanced as he's falling hard for Lizzy. Can he win her back when he fucks it up?

Both Blueprint books are more than just two perfectly imperfect lovers' bumpy ride from their first awkward meeting to a happily ever after. It's steamy, very clever, and thrilling with a bit of danger. Quite exciting and full of suspense.

My first thought when I got into these books was...Cool, Blueprint is a little like a twenty first century Pride And Prejudice or Wuthering Heights, just with a whole lot more spicy erotic sex! Ms. James' writing has the best of my favorite elements from those classics. She even mentions Mr. Darcy in her story. I truly loved it! I devoured these books actually, and I really enjoyed every word written in "proper English." I wasn't just reading these books, I found myself transported to England, floating along side Lizzy and Edward, experiencing their magic. I will be reading these books over and over forever!

Blueprint:Lizzy honestly feels and reads like it's from a woman's point of view. So beautifully done!

Blueprint: Edward is absolutely a full-on man's perspective. Very impressive!

I can see how couples would love to read them together...the possibilities are endless. Both stories hit all my emotional buttons until I was completely smitten and couldn't stop reading! Plus, there's a bit of a mysterious cliffhanger..Can't wait for more! Well done!

BIG HUG to Lesley James for her incredibly lovely Blueprint story! I am now a huge fan and reader of her books for life!

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