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March 11, 2015 - Just Because It's Hump Day - "His To Take" by Shayla Black

The Wicked Lovers Series Book 9, "His to Take" is an extremely sexy and exciting thriller! 

All I Can Say Is... Just Read This Book...This beautiful love story is a sizzling page turner. I was exclaiming "Are You Kidding Me?! " or "Ooh! Steamy!" from the first page till the last! This whole series keeps getting better and better every time!

Shayla Black is an absolute erotic romance writing goddess! 

Ok, I know I'm one in a million blogger/reviewers writing about "His To Take" and Shayla Black, but you know what? I don't care, I am a reader first, and I read her books full of wonder and awe. I am still going to send out all these good vibes into the universe anyway! Maybe there is still one person out there who hasn't read Shayla's books yet, so to you...This book, jeez the whole series, will become your new must read addiction! Everything Shayla writes is the best!

Did I mention how much I love this series?

"His To Take" totally blew my mind! I knew I'd be on pins and needles this whole story as soon as I read the opening chapter. To be honest, at first, I couldn't remember who Joaquin Munoz was until it dawned on me,...Hey that's Kata's brother, he had a small mention in "Surrender To Me"...So Freaking cool! Oh yeah, he's gorgeously yummy too!

This story has all the hunky sexy Doms from Club Dominion and their subs/ wives, reunited to help Joaquin avenge the death of his best friend who was on a case to help a girl being stalked. 
I am All In now baby!! This is so freaking awesome! I missed Club Dominion so much! I am beyond thrilled! Yay the gangs back!

Joaquin and the Doms, all pool their time and resources to try to stop a serial killer that could still be linked to Callie, from "Theirs To Cherish". They draw names and Joaquin picks the name Bailey Benson and heads to Houston. When he sees her as a young, talented, sweet and beautiful ballerina, Joaquin goes through a gambit of emotions wondering if he is doing the right thing. When the others text to tell him they were too late to save the other girls, Joaquin just reacts on his gut instincts and training, That Girl is "His to take," so he does everything in his power to keep her safe. He knows the truth and to hell with the consequences. 

Joaquin and Bailey's turbulent and exciting journey is peppered with lust, horrific danger and a terrifying past. Their instant connection Is like a lightening strike! Joaquin and Bailey is a couple that I was desperately cheering to see together forever. I just knew they would be perfect! This damaged and hurting couple try hard to avoid more abandonment in their lives, and try even harder not to fall in love with each other. It's so wonderful to watch all their walls crumble, build new friendships, mend fences with family, and I love how they fill up all of each other's empty spaces. 

I love when Joaquin nicknames Bailey" Baby Girl" and their first kiss is just so moan-worthy! 
Joaquin says, "That pretty mouth of yours might lie to me, but your kisses won't..." His mouth crashes over her' a bomb detonating inside him..." 

 I had to take my time reading this book and just savor every word, letting it just melt all over me. This story is so deeply intimate and so passionate! The danger that is stalking them had me a bit terrified! What a creepy disgusting sociopath! A total nail biter! I had to read "His To Take" with all my lights on! For me..."His To Take" seriously has the most intense plot in the series so far. The story is so thrilling sexy and so chilling dark! So wicked good! 

This book pushed all my "yes" buttons that makes me fall in love with all her books. I love the whole Wicked Lovers series, it is just simply irresistible!
Shayla Black's book relationships are deeply erotic and heartwarmingly real! This series will always be among my "go to" books to read over and over...Start Binge Reading on This 5 Star Wicked Lovers Series Now! 

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