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March 24, 2015 - Lucy Leroux's..A Singular Obsession Series

Wow! Just Wow! Very Enjoyable Erotic Reads! Thrilling and Sexy Obsessions! 
Three totally different men with one singular obsession: Get the girl!

Making Her His
Yay! A cool first for me...a step-brother's true love and secret sexual obsession for his much younger step-sister. I have never read in this genre but It sounded way too tempting to pass it up! This story is just really so good! I couldn't put it down! I got obsessed with the gorgeous millionaire Greek playboy, Alex, and I never would have guessed by his gruff rude indifference that he had such a soft spot for his brilliant but introverted virginal step-sister Elynn. He goes out of his way for years to win Elynn over as friends first with gifts, texts, and postcards from his travels. After four years, his simmering lust wins out and Alex's patience implodes when he sees his innocent Elynn hugging another man, forcing Alex to decide right then "I'm making her mine". I love how this story shows this forbidden love in a whole new touching and sensual light for me, not creepy at all...just extremely romantic and heartwarming! Alex and Elynn have an amazingly deep emotional connection and a hot, passionate sexual chemistry that gets tested and threatened in every way possible! It's not just a forbidden-love tale, it also has a dangerous suspense plot painted in as well. Again, so so good!

Confiscating Charlie, a novelette 
This short and sweet, sexy story is more than a hot's really more long on adorable and steamy! I love how the 'way too sexy and cool for his own good' Noah has a few life changing decisions to make, but he tries to procrastinate from making all his choices by hiding in the Hampton's. Surprise awaits him there when he, literally, crashes into his father's new wife's sister, Charlie. Noah thinks his race car crash was life altering, but when he kisses sweet Charlie all reasonable thoughts just hit the crash and burn button in the fast lane is history! That girl will be his, forever! I love how Charlie ignites all of Noah's protective instincts to confiscate her whole heart, body and soul..then setting their lives on a new track to extreme heart racing love! Awesome reading!!

Calen's Captive
EEK!!! My new favorite "over & over" read! Loving this story! What is it about alpha, hot, Irishmen that just gets me all a shiver?! Calen is a very tempting morsel of yummy sexiness washed down with a shot of Irish whiskey!! A millionaire badass with family connections to the Irish mob and trying to be a legit multi-night club owner, Calen forces himself do a big favor for his mob boss father. Instead, Calen is captivated by the red-headed pixie fairy of his dreams, Maia, who unwittingly is in deadly danger with the Russians. Now the gloves come off! Calen secures a deal, rescues Maia and becomes completely besotted with his fairy nymph pixie. Even when evil lurks in the shadows, Calen vows to be Maia's hero forever. Calen may say, "I own you now Maia." but in reality, Maia lovingly weaves her sexy fairy magic to capture Calen's loyal heart and passionate soul!! Lust-at-first-sight-fireworks and a whole lot of steamy dominant loving! Magically decadent!! 

This series keeps getting better and better!!! Get them all!!

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