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April 9, 2015 - The Driven Series by K. Bromberg

More Than 5 Stars Sexy Good! Ah-Mazing Series!

Sometimes I just fall upon a new series like I have discovered a new precious treasure that I wish I had found sooner..this series is that wonderful treasure! A reader's dream! So sensually erotic yet heartbreakingly beautiful! Once I opened up the very first page, I couldn't stop tapping my kindle until I finished all five books! I more than loved reading this series....I'm now thoroughly addicted and completely obsessed!! Really fantastic debut novels!! Total Fangirl Now!

This is one of those series that leaves me at a total loss for words..overwhelmed, I guess. I truly felt everything...every emotion, every happiness, and every turmoil in these stories. Brilliant writing! The first four books are about Colton Donovan and Rylee Thomas. I can't believe I had such crazy love- hate feelings for the Alpha-hero, Colton! A compelling race car driver Adonis playboy, who falls fast for Rylee, a violet eyed, strong, compassionate social worker. The perfect "opposites attract" couple! They meet at a charity fund raiser where Rylee is literally rescued by Colton, falls into his arms and succumbs to his lip-devouring charms. That kiss set their world on fire! Rylee is a runner and Colton loves the chase! Game on!

The fifth book is about Rylee and Colton's two best friends, Haddie and Beckett. Now these two absolutely blew my mind! A deeply touching, beautiful story of courage and triumph. A "true love conquers all" tale like no other! I have mad love for Becks...the most amazing dirty-talkin' sweetie Alpha-hero I have ever read! Oh.My.God! Haddie is the bravest soul I have ever laid eyes on! They are so great together and I have never ever cried so hard ever! Hold me!

This series is so much more than a naughty boy meets pretty girl, loving then fighting, make up sex and the inevitable tra-la-la-la happily ever after...Way More! This story is really like being on thee most sexy, wildly thrashing, heart-racing, jaw-dropping ride of your life! Bursting with fiery sexual chemistry! Sweet Jesus,  I have a major book hangover!

Teaser Time! Synopsis' can be fun, but I decided to let the guys speak, something heartwarming to their sweethearts..No spoilers, I promise! Just enough to hit the sigh button...All I will say is that by the end of each book..I needed a HUG! (Ugly Cry Alert: boxes of tissues required for this series)

Driven - "Not inconsequential, Rylee. You could never be inconsequential..No, you and me, together..that would make you mine...Mine" -Colton

Fueled - "You tear down walls I didn't even know I was building. You make me feel, Rylee." -Colton

Crashed - "I race you, Ryles" -Colton

Raced - "Like I said, she's everything. My mother fucking holy grail." -Colton

Slow Burn - "Whatever this is between us is worth a shot, Haddie, You're worth it...Give me a chance to prove it."- Beckett

Thank you so much, K. Bromberg, your exciting books are truly awesome! I can't wait for Sweet Ache...

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