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July 19, 2015 - Craving The Really Bad Boys? "Deviant" and "Theirs To Take" by Natasha Knight

Want the really naughty book boyfriends? These deliciously dark and fabulously edgy erotic romance novels by Natasha Knight have wildly thrilling hot dominant men that just shocked me to my core! Both novels have determined lascivious men, who can act insanely evil, but who also give a spark of hope when these salacious sadists surprisingly expose their big hearts and their dark secrets.

Natasha's stories astounded me and kept my imagination buzzing with each of these unpredictable sexy heroes, who have a perfect mix of unconventional convictions and remarkable compassion...Truly memorable, mind-blowing romances! 
Thank you so much, Natasha! 

Deviant by Natasha Knight
Deviant is daring, dark and blazing hot! A mesmerizing erotic romance that is fast paced and wickedly exciting! So naughty and twisted, it made me fall-hard and fast for the forbidden jagged edginess, without crossing the lines of rough Dom sex ...  too much. I truly wanted this story to be so much longer! 

Such great characters ... all their pain, betrayals and heartaches, so beautifully and slowly exposed as their dangerous love story unfolds. Some really shocking, salacious WTF moments too from the cold, calculating, libidinous hit man. I constantly questioned his true motives ... Is Julien a pure evil anti-hero ... a sexually dark hero ... or a perfect blend of both?

This boldly intense erotic story has a great suspense filled plot that really sucked me in! I could not predict the outcome, not even near the very end ... Love that!

I really enjoyed delving into the dark, shadowy, deadly world of Julien's mercenary mind. He is a true sadist, unapologetically so, and needs it. Loves inflicting pain. Loves the hunt. Loves the kill. Loves to be watched, especially when he catches the curious, innocent Mia peeking at him and his blonde mark. Her green, voyeuristic eyes fascinate Julien and he vows to give her a taste of his dirty nasty fun, then dispose of her.

Fortunately for Mia after their first encounter, I could start to see Julien's deeply hidden vulnerability surfacing, making his world not so cut and dry anymore. Ok. Yes, I softened for the spanking hot, lascivious killer for hire! I couldn't help it! 

Mia is strong, determined and brave as well ... shy yet bold, independent and submissive. Overcoming and running from horrific events still haunting her life. Julian becomes her new frightening but necessary reality ... what's a girl on the run to do?

Become a captive lover in Julien's sadistic web of addicting sexual domination, and possibly his next contracted mark ... or suffer and die at the hands of her past abuser? Rock meet hard place.

She is so torn ... Love him or Hate him? How can Mia fall in love with such a gorgeous but damaged man, a killer? How can Mia ever trust Julien to protect her and at the same time trust her heart and body to the unknown darkness driving Julien? Would he actually betray her when he got everything he wanted and grew tired of her?

You all just have to read this! 

My very first dark romance book by this author, but it will not be my last! A very bold, sexy erotica and darkly stimulating story, guaranteed to get panties in a twist and hearts melting in an erotically fantastical way!! A brazen 5 Star must read BDSM thriller romance that makes a lot of BDSM stories I've read in the past, seem very vanilla now! 

Theirs to Take by Natasha Knight
Two gorgeous brothers, one mission ... Revenge on the cartel that devastated their family. Leaving morality and scruples behind, Syn and Gabriel delve into the murky waters of slave traders to exact their pound of flesh. Really dark and scarily unnerving, Theirs To Take rocked me to my core! I'll admit ... it really freaked me out!

Such an unbelievably gritty, shadowy story of human trafficking that brought me to my knees. A full on thrilling plot with erotically explicit, intensely heart pounding BDSM and soul crushing punishments. I just had to close the book at times, to take a few deep breaths, because it did push my limits a bit. Yet, I was still intrigued and compelled to read on, because the writing is so so good! But even in those anxious moments, I still saw a shiny sliver of heart-warming humanity in each brother.

While in the midst of the frighteningly forceful kidnappings and horribly humiliating selling of women, Syn and Gabriel are touched by Eva, not as a sellable product, but as a brave, beautiful woman with amazing honor and a spark of goodness in her eyes ... theirs to take and theirs to keep.

Syn and Gabriel, are a wickedly seductive mix of sadistic slave traders and darkly dominant men, trying to right the wrong that ruined their sister. Again ... Heroes or villains? I found myself weeping right along with Eva, begging for freedom while praying for their titillating sexual dominance at the same time.

I have to admit ... I cringed and squirmed every time they caned or whipped Eva. It's so overwhelming that she's falling in love with the bold men who uninhibitedly share her while they hold her physically and emotionally captive. Was it a rescue from a greater evil because they truly care, or are they using Eva to exact revenge on her depraved slimy fiancé, while satisfying their sadistic needs? 

The way Syn and Gabriel devour and cherish Eva at the same time is devotedly relentless ... pleasure and pain, obedience and punishment ... starting this strange whirlwind of self-discovery in Eva's heart and mind ... Who to trust. Who to believe. Who to love. I could feel Eva's confusing dilemma ... deep desperation to get away but feelings of comfort and safety in each of the brothers arms. What kind of special crazy is this and why does Eva crave them so much?

Their every touch desired by Eva ... whether harsh or tender by these brothers, who basically stole her with twelve other girls, publicly beat her, then were going to sell her off like cattle to the highest bidder ... until Syn and Gabriel realize Eva is worth a whole lot more ... maybe their forever kind of more ...

This brilliantly brazen and very daring master/slave erotica has captured my heart and demanded my reading submission...I'll definitely put this book on the very top of my favorite dark and naughty books to read again list! An amazing kind of story that haunts my dreams days later! Why does my twisted pervy heart really want this story to be so much longer? I need to know more! I'm wrecked! I went from ... "Holy shit! This story is nuts!" ... to "Oh my god! I've fallen hard for Syn and Gabriel!" Absolutely one of thee most intensely red-hot ménage stories I've ever read! Hold me ... I need another book fix! A Darkly Decadent 5 Star Must Read!!

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