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August 4, 2015 - Four Tempting 'Take-A-Chance At Love' Stories

It's August..already?! Here's some end of summer by the pool reads that are fun, different, and full of sexy goodness!!! Every story is about taking a chance on love...and you'll be glad you took a chance on these books...they are all awesome!!

Starry Knight by Nina Mason

What a fantastical story!! A very different and terrific paranormal romance jammed-packed with mystical other-worldly goodness! Everything I could ever imagine is weaved into this extraordinary tale! A bit of Scottish highlander history, some paranormal thrills, spot-on zodiac-astrology, and even chilling mythological creatures are all rolled into one steamy erotic romance where this immortal sexy Scot's past five hundred years is about to collide with his extremely guarded present day existence!...Callum, The Leo, and Vanessa, the Aquarian, have a hunter vs prey relationship at first...fighting their true natures and their insatiable desires for each other....but too many ghostly influences seal their relationship together for eternity...May the stars be their guide to everlasting love...A very sexy-hot and very unique Fantasy-Fueling Must Read!

Obsession and Surrender (The Billionaire's Temptation - Book 7) By Cali MacKay

I really really love this story of second chance love! This story is amazingly romantic and very steamy sexy too! Lilly and Keane were college sweethearts and lovers, but everything blows up when Keane cheats. Now seven years later, Keane shows up intoxicated and proclaiming his undying love under her window...Keane is determined to win over Lilly's heart and trust...especially when he discovers the horrific nightmare she has endured without him. 

This book is just fantastically awesome! A perfect contemporary love story with a bit of light BDSM, and it's the perfect beach read too! For me..there isn't anything better than watching this tattooed-hottie, alpha billionaire seriously grovel for Lilly's forgiveness and with lots of really hot earn his way back into Lilly's life, to be the hero Lilly needs, and to keep the love of his life safe in his arms forever...So so heart melting!! I highly recommend this story or better yet, just go get this whole series!! So worth it!!

Beautiful Entourage by E.L.Todd

HELLO!! This had me at hot male escort!! Once I opened this book that's when things got really interesting! Rhett is a high class, no sex, contract dates only, intelligent professional, who runs a very profitable male escort company in NYC. Only Rhett has more problems than just the crazy stalkers who think they fall in love with him and his polished, sexy demeanor...he can't find a woman who can see past his money, gorgeous packaging and plutonic escort services to find the real, caring and funny person inside.

Aspen needs a date! Desperately! Her horrible father/boss is blaming her for an ex-fiancé cheating with her cousin, ruining the family's image and now threatens to take away Aspen's chance at CEO when he retires. What's a girl to do?! Hire a date? When Aspen meets her escort, Rhett for the first time at a coffee shop..sparks fly! Aspen and Rhett have that immediate sexual chemistry both have been dreaming of, but that damn contract clearly states "No kissing" and now both are surging with a once in a lifetime sexual passion that just sizzles off the pages! 

This story has so much tenderness and witty humor, so many funny friends, so many evil family members butting in, and so many cute Battleship and ice cream sundae moments that it's just a very wonderful "I couldn't put it down!" read...and let's not forget the very sweet sexy times too! The only thing that would've made this sweet story better, make it longer! Even though it's a story of a male escort, it's the perfect blend of a little bit of steamy sexiness and a lot of falling in forbidden love! A Touching, Swoon-Worthy Read!!

Ride Steady by Kristen Ashley

My very first book by this author and I am so into this 'hot biker falls for the girl of his dreams' love story! 

Right from the start ...The prologue was so intensely moving and heartbreaking! A beautifully emotional romance as two troubled souls reunite and reach out for their missing half...but neither had forgotten their past dreams of hoping to be together and how they both kept that little piece of that sweet crush alive in their hearts for years. I really enjoyed reading about this sweetly sexy and amazingly romantic second chance love story! To top it all off...the epilogue was epic! I cried again!! I actually read this story twice before I could write a review...It's so great! 

Carson "Joker" Steele is from the bad side of town, with a bad abusive father, and abandoned by a bad mother, so Carson forces himself to endure the misery until he just can't any take it any longer. Carson's secret crush on Carissa, the popular sweet cheerleader, will never happen in his eyes, so at seventeen, he moves on and reinvents himself as a mechanic and the biker he's always yearned to be in the Chaos Club. Years later, Carson spy's a woman in distress on the side of the road and offers to help... It's Carissa. His Carissa...with a baby! Carson decides to fix her flat, but pretends to not recognize her. He calls himself Joker now, and when Carissa doesn't recognize him, Joker is taken aback. Hurt even.

Carissa's life has gone from sugar to shit in a matter of eighteen months, but she's tough and determined to have the best life for her son. Her worse day ever has just flipped on its head as she now has a very familiar but strangely intense reaction to Joker...first a bit scary, hello, a real biker dude manly man, but then just a sense of safety and warmth flows over her soul, especially seeing that sexy badass biker holding her baby...she definitely will be looking Joker up, and will take him up on his offer to fix her tire...with a big ol' pecan pie as a thank you too. That just means Carissa has to venture into the Chaos Biker Club at Ride to do it...time to put on the big girl panties!
Thee Perfect Hot Biker 5 Star Must Read!!


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