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September 20, 2015 - Fun New Reads For Fall!

Can you believe it's already Autumn? Falling leaves, falling temperatures and falling in love with all these new book boyfriends to keep you comfy cozy ... Sounds like heaven! A restless rocker, a jaded jackal, and a commanding cowboy are all very willing and very able to heat you up and carry you off to fantasyland ... sweet dreams!

Assure Her by Thia Finn

A wonderful debut book by Thia! 
This story is all a rockstar romance should drama, venue problems, skank issues, crazy tour bus times and especially all the hot rockstar lovin'!

I was hooked at the prologue...young love being sideswiped and detoured by life's unexpected hurdles...then the story picks up years later with the super sweet and extremely talented Chandler, who's finds herself in the middle of a whole new life and a whole ton of heart squeezing happenings. I really loved her innocence and strength...pushing herself to try out for the keyboard position in an all male rock band and then overcoming a major tragedy to discover a ton of love in the silver lining of her black rain cloud. I loved the teasing funny banter between the band mates and then the way they all pull together like a family when Chan needs them the most. Quite a few moments had me all choked up! So good!

Let's not forget the insanely hot and sexy KeeMac!! He goes from rude douche to thee best rockin' boyfriend Chan could ever want! I loved all the excitement and anticipation in this story and I really loved all the steamy hot lust to love romance between Chandler and Keeton. 
I can't wait for book two!

A Rockin' Sexy Fun Must Read!

Ashes by Sophie H. Morgan

Such a wonderful debut novel by Sophie!
What an exciting and unique read! So fast paced, action packed, great plot twists and a sprinkle of sweet sexy loving woven in nicely!!

A really fascinating story and never a dull moment! A truly different
paranormal romance story with a very strong sassy phoenix heroine, Alana and a sexy alpha jackal shifter hero, Cade. Both have secret identities, secret lives and a secret love for each other. It's a crazy dangerous adventure that brings them back together to save all the Other and the humans from a demented ruler who's destroying everything and everyone they hold dear. Their past collides with their present and endangers their future together...but are they brave enough to fight for their love? A very romantic and fun reading adventure!

A Fun Paranormal Lovers Must Read!

Wanted:Virgin Bride by Juliette Jones

What a Scorching Hot Quickie!! 
This story is so adorably cute, so explicitly sexy and so perfectly raunchy!! Loved it!! Talk about panty melting...this hot novella is off the charts full of crazy steamy smutty goodness!!

A really fun and zany plot... that's kinda like an erotically old fashioned campy western...I love the quick wit and the sassy brazen-ness of the blonde cutie, Maddie, turned mail order bride involuntarily for her petty crimes, and I love the good 'ol boy personality of the big burly blue-eyed cowboy,'s lust at first sight for Zeke when he sees his soon to be fiesty wifey.

But all of Maddie's smart-mouthing and stubbornness just trips Zeke's trigger off to a full on lust-fest and makes his hands itchin' to get all over his spankin' new bride. I had to chuckle at the funny barbs and sexy heated banter between them..I really loved all the bold and brash skinny-dippin' sexiness of Zeke...Oh my, what a sweetly romantic ending! I'm still smiling just thinking about it!

A Sexy Fun Must Read!


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