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New Release!! Resplendent Rush by Bella J

Yuuup! Levi is mine!! "Be-Still-My-Pounding-Heart" Romantic! 

You all just have to read Resplendent Rush by Bella J! Get ready, I'm going to be a gushing fan-girl all over this story! It made me so happy! I've never read anything like it! It's everything I could ever want in a romance! I LOVE IT! Every page has sweetly spicy naughty nuggets of reading brilliance! I'm totally book-love nutty about Resplendent Rush! I want to curl up with Mr. Emerald Eyes like crazy and I want him in my kitchen in nothing but a cupcake apron, like right now! 

Holy sweet honey buns! Levi is simply spectacular...a scorching hot dream guy, who's just the perfect book boyfriend ... sexy, confident and wonderful! He's a marine on a new mission ... to get that commitment-phobe, sex goddess in stilettos, Lexi, under him as much as possible! 

Levi's ripped washboard abs, his feverish passion, and especially all his wildly heated, flirty banter makes the stunning and spunky, Lexi Mason lose her mind and drool over the annoyingly irresistible marine. Lexi is way too smart to fall in love's trap and she's only interested in one night with Mr. Sexy Sergeant ... but with Levi's luscious lips and stellar kissing, she just can't stay away! It melted her heart into a puddle of melty goo and those two big bright green eyes of his are just too mesmerizing to say no to! Each time Levi's gorgeous mouth opened and heart-throbbing, panty-melting, sweet dreamy words poured out, that sexy dirty talker becomes even more irresistibly yummy!

"And if I said you are my always and my never ... It means that you are mine, Always, and I want to be without you, Never."- Levi

Levi and Lexi's insanely blazing "can't keep their hands off each other" lust at first sight is outstanding!  It's so fun how they try so hard to fight their scorching hot connection...without much luck. It seems fate has other ideas, making Lexi and Levi's worlds collide and lock lips as much as possible! Lexi finds she can't resist Levi's crazy intensity any more ... his devotion, and constant loving affection is wearing down all her defenses and he's slowly becoming her daily addiction!

There's so many adorably funny and sensually sexy scenes that I can't pick just one fave ... every page held my heart hostage! Holy sweet baby ninjas ... its so toe-curling sexy! Getting me turning every page with giddy excitement! The wonderfully creative writing is amazingly passionate and descriptively romantic. It's filled with so much blistering-hot loving ... it cranks up my very vivid imagination into overdrive!

"Give me your heart Lexi, because mine is already yours." -Levi

This contemporary love story is brimming with so much awesomeness! The dual POV is fantastic! It really gripped my heart, hard! It's so brilliant and witty, sassy and funny, with so many "that's so sweet" tears and "oh no he didn't!" ugly tears! My poor heart was bounced and tumbled around from chapter to chapter!

And as an added bonus, seeing the growing love between Knox and Juliette, and the sex-on-a-stick, Jax panting after Kim, just added so much more deeper drama and heartache that drives the story into a really dark scary turn! What a heart-pounding perfect ending too!

This is a true book hangover moment for me! I need the next book now! Hey, don't get your panties in a twist ... it is a HEA, with a little teasing cliffhanger! Let the happy reading dance begin!!

**All quotes from this book are for review purposes only**