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A Throwback Fave! Rescue Me Saga by Kallypso Masters

Let me start off by saying ... I really really love this story and I hope my review can do this wonderful series justice, because I honestly love reading Kallypso Masters' books, so much ... I'm kind of a little nervous about finding the right words to say just how much, but here goes ...


Masters At Arms / Nobody's Angel (Rescue Me #1)

Beautifully Awe-inspiring! I love how this story hit me right in all the feels! So amazingly unique and deeply emotional! Such heart-melting and thought provoking books! It's so much more than just an excellent, scorching hot BDSM military romance full of supremely hot men that'll melt a kindle ... it's such a fantabulous reading journey! Some of the most angsty, heart-wrenching and passionately uplifting books that I have ever read!

Even though the stories bring to light some dark and traumatic situations, it's written with so much warmth, caring and love. It feels so deeply intimate by starting out as sweetly romantic and then growing into heated and sexy passion. Each character's triumph over hardships and falling-in-love story is so incredible! I love all the intensity! It so powerfully moving all the way through!

It's such an enriching, heart-warming story and so engagingly endearing ... full of sensually moving sex scenes and phenomenally touching courage in all its bravest forms. These perfectly imperfect men rescue each other from the damaging effects of PTSD from serving in war, and rescue the women they love from some of life's most horrific situations ... It's filled with so much compassion and understanding, it's breathtaking!

What an opening line! "Joni, you were my anchor. I'm lost without you." - Adam

Wow, I was on the brink of tears right off the bat! ... It just cracked my heart wide open, got me all choked up and pulled me in to this heart-pounding story immediately. I instantly fell in love with Adam Montague. He will always be my number one heart-throb book-boyfriend hero forever and ever! I'll be honest ... Adam and Karla's story is my fave! I love how Karla's heart falls into her belly and goes "ka-thunk" when Adam uses his Dom voice with her! So Ah-dorable! And I really love how I get to see their lives unfold in each book too!

Kally's writing is absolutely brilliant! She creates a wonderful world of characters who conquer their demons and celebrate friendship, as she continues each character's challenges and growth from book to book ... it honestly feels like how real relationships would be ... protective and patient one moment, then hurt and complicated the next, but always so loving.

Even though it's many books, it's really one big beautiful story with many, many deeply emotional layers of romance and trauma, BDSM and happily-right-now moments. It made me cry hard through all their upheavals and nightmares, and I smiled like crazy every time they overcame an obstacle, finally letting love heal their battered hearts! All of these characters are truly authentic, poignant and enchantingly special ... Just so gorgeous inside and out!

This 5 Star contemporary BDSM series are not standalone novels and must be read in order, so go check out Kally's website, from my Romazing Authors page, and start your own Rescue Me Saga Love-Fest today!

Masters At Arms / Nobody's Angel (Rescue Me #1)

Nobody's Hero (Rescue Me #2)

Nobody's Perfect (Rescue Me #3)

Somebody's Angel (Rescue Me #4)

Nobody's Lost (Rescue Me #5)

Nobody's Dream (Rescue Me #6)

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