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New To Me!! A Real Man: Books 1 - 4 by Jenika Snow

Holy Amazeballs! These hot quickies by Jenika Snow are fan-freakin-tastically decadent!

Four lusciously lick-able manly men to lose your mind over! I'm so One-Click-Addicted!

Seriously smutty, salaciously sexy and sooo scrumptious!

Just LOOK at these covers! Beyond HOT am I right?!

Everything I could ever wish for in erotic romance is right here in these excellent A Real Man books!! I totally binge-read all four of these novellas in one day ... I kid you not!! They are that unputdownable! All are true real alpha-men, with real big hearts and real lusty desires ... and are not afraid to go after want they want, or who they want!


After reading this very very mouthwatering story .... All I know is that I want this hot as f**k beardy beard yummy lumberjack for my very own right now! What a super fun, super romantic read! It's what fantasies are made of ... Lost in the woods, tired, hungry, when city-girl Vivian gets to a clearing, what do those big eyes see? A real live lumberjack, Jake, a wood chopping wet dream, flexing all his glorious muscles and setting her panties on fire with all the dirty things she's thinking of doing with that lush beard!!

Really Really Loved it!!


Awwww! Quinn melted my heart and melted my panties!! What a wonderful and sweet story, full of raw primal virgin passion just burning up the pages!! There's nothing like true undying love!! It was pure honest kismet that brought two young people together, as Quinn swoops in to be a hero for Isabel and when their eyes meet ... Best Friends forever grows into love that flashes like fireworks. Then when fate tries to divide them, Quinn digs in and fights for their love ... and wins!! What a perfect swoony romance!

Baby Fever

HOT!! I mean WOW What-a-turn-on HOT!! This is a seriously steamy and wildly brazen breeding book!!

Even I want him to put his baby in me!! Dex has major baby fever and he is jones-zing to spill his spunk in only one women, thee only woman who has captured him mind, body and soul ... Eva. She is his, she has always been his, and she will always be his from now on ... She just doesn't know it. Yet!

Now this is what I call a fantastically filthy quickie top-notch read!


This book had me at the cover! Way Beyond yummy!! Hugo and Sabine bring the kindle melting heat!!

He's decades older, experienced, worldly..and desperate to have Sabine. Hugo's waited, watched and planned when he would tell Sabine that she is his, only his, forever ... Kinda taboo, kinda forbidden but beyond tempting and Hugo can't wait one day longer to take Sabine's body, heart and soul.

Phew!! His hot Russian accent just puts the cherry on this sexy sweet book-sundae! F-amazing!

These are the first four gotta-read stories and I hear there's more coming!! Yays!! Get you some!!