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Throwback Fave!! The Perfect Play by Jaci Burton

Who's ready for some football romance?! Jaci Burton has these amazing Play By Play Novels, a seriously sweaty-steamy erotic sports romance series, with super duper hot covers and even hotter heroes ... which includes one of my all time favorite football romances!

It do not get better than this! Sexy, romantic and heartwarming!

I know I love a book when I read it over and over, fall gah-gah, melty-warm in love with the hero and the sweetly dreamy meet-cute, and the insta-lust turn insta-love chemistry between the characters ... this delightfully dirty romance has all that and so much more!

No one does sports romance like Jaci ... My automatic one-clicky-click gotta-have must-read author!

The Perfect Play

Mick Riley is a genuine heart-throb! A sexy pro-quarterback from a great family, model good looks and a gold medalist in Aussie-kissing ... seemingly the perfect guy on the surface, but troubled and hiding a dark secret. His secret past haunts him, drives him to be perfect and to make up for all the hurt he caused his family. Then he meets Tara Lincoln. The first woman who doesn't swoon when he looks at her and the first woman he has to chase to get a date ... but Mick has the perfect play to get past her defenses and win her heart ...

"You get any more beautiful and I might drop dead." -Mick

Tara Lincoln is an amazing woman! Everything she has, she worked hard for, all on her own ... an up and coming event planner entrepreneur by day, and a full time single mom to a teenage boy by night. If Tara has a minute each day to do anything, it would be sleeping, so when Mick Riley plays a quarterback sneak and sweeps her off her feet, what's a girl to do?!

"Wow, these six pack things do exist!" -Tara

Playing a football game is one thing ... Playing at love is a whole other game entirely ... Can Mick score a touchdown to win Tara and her son's love or will he blow his chances and be punted right out of Tara's life forever?

"I can't get enough of you, Tara. You bring out a side of me I've never given to another woman." -Mick

Love this? This was only book one!!

Now go get some more hot sports guys in the other twelve books of the Play by Play Series, and go get the brand new anthology:  Mistletoe Games by Jaci Burton too! 

**All quotes from this book are for review purposes only**