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Throwback Fave! Blood Law, A Blood Moon Rising Novel by Karin Tabke

I'm So Thankful for Romance Books!

Love sexy Lycans, hot ménage, suspenseful cliffhangers and a girl torn between two Alpha brothers? Then this is for you! This story will make you squirmy one minute and squee all over the next!

I can't get enough of this three book erotic paranormal series, the Blood Moon Rising Novels by Karin Tabke! It's way beyond fantabulous! Dark and edgy, intense and enthralling, salacious and taboo! I F'n Love It!

I love the dark history and the intriguing lore that this story tells between the wolves and the humans over the centuries ...

All the curses and the wars, the anger and the revenge, and all the blood and the pain ... I got full blown addicted to all the erotic mate claiming and all the evil magic, all the brutal surprises and heartbreaking twists ... sucking me in on every page, keeping me excited to find out the dire fates of Rafael, Falon and Lucien ...

"It was the Blood Law-- survival of the fittest.
There was no room in their world for weakness. Not weakness of character, not weakness of spirit or, as he thought contemptuously, weakness of heart."
- Rafael

Who wins in the end? Will Falon's life be sacrificed for a lie, the Blood Law enforced or can peace be obtained with her unwavering love ...

"What life did she have? Knowing she was different, always running, not knowing who she was, where she came from. With Rafael, she felt alive. Accepted. She had meaning." - Falon

So as the Slayers and the Lycans try to eradicate each other, and the two twin alpha wolves try to settle a blood feud between themselves ... Only the Blood Law being avenged can the two divided wolf packs unite. Only a united pack can bring down the 800 year war with the Slayers, and only one slip of a girl, a part of both warring worlds and in the middle of the blood feud between blood brothers, can bring them all together to save the wolves ...

"My brother may have marked you, lovely, but my blood flows in your veins now, as yours does mine. I can take you whenever and wherever I like ..." - Lucien

This is soooo good!! It's my number one favorite paranormal werewolf series!!

Now that your hooked on Blood Law, finish this awesome threesome's journey with Blood Right and Blood Vow to find out how these three survive the blood moon rising war and who gets the girl!!

**All quotes from this book are for review purposes only**