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Throwback Faves!! Trying To Score & Hockey Holiday by Toni Aleo

Sexy Hockey Romance is a fan-pucking-tastic genre and Toni Aleo just nails it! Toni's writing is enthralling, authentic and so emotionally heart-clenching!

All the Assassin Series books have me addicted! Hot hockey players vying to score the girl ... I can't resist their charms and neither will you!

Trying To Score has it all! Hockey hotties, second-chance love, secret-baby drama, and delicious sexitimes!!

An amazing story that pulled me right in, hangs it all out there, and then ... POW! Crushing heartache rips their world apart, driving me to distraction until I can get to the "Oh my gawd, there better be a HEA" moment ... I'm telling you, soooo good!

Lucas Brooks is a book boyfriend dream wrapped up in a hot mess nightmare ... He's perfectly imperfect but I love the insta-lust and insta-love written all over him when he meets "his one" ... it absolutely sent my heart soaring! The passion and desire just oozes off him in waves!

Fallon Parker is the perfect good girl, trying to do everything right, everything to please her unpleaseable family ... when she sees Lucas, her world stops, time stops, her heart skips and she has to remind herself to breathe ... She's in love and she never wants the excruciating rush to end ... but it does, abruptly.

Reality face plants on Fallon and Lucas, they have kept too many secrets from each other and it all comes back to bite them. Misunderstandings, wounding words and painful separation for seven years, leads them both on a fateful collision course when their destinies cross paths once again.

I love the push and pull, the back and forth painful heart juggling that tosses between Fallon and Lucas through out this whole story...what I loved the most? Fallon and Lucas' fighting felt so real, I mean really real ... true anger, name calling and deep hurt in their arguing like I've never experienced in a book ... so beautifully heart felt and so angsty!

Lucas decides that taking one more shot at love is worth everything if he can just have Fallon back in his arms again...and he is trying to score points to win her heart, even if it takes forever ... but Fallon's stubborn streak not only makes Lucas work hard for her trust, she almost destroys their love completely in the process ...

Hockey Holiday is a sexy novella that's filled with hot sweet romantic stories of some the Assassins Series hot Hockey guys and their sweethearts!! It's wonderful, warm and full of holiday spirit ... This is Thee perfect Holiday read to catch up on the gorgeous hockey players!

Part one, its a new chapter in Fallon and Lucas' life together ... many years later, many babies later and so much holiday sweetness!! Fallon is a Pregasaurus, ready to pop with baby number four, and Lucas is the only man that can handle her special kind of preggers crazy ... I swoon over Lucas ... now talk about the perfect DILF! An amazing husband and a wonderful daddy, what more could a girl want?!

Happy Holiday Reading!  I know that you'll love Toni Aleo's hot hockey hotties as much as I do!

Hugs, Romazing