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Throw Back Book Fave!! In The Flesh by Sylvia Day

Have you ever opened a book and was instantly and ecstatically transported in to a whole new world? This is that story for me.

In The Flesh by Sylvia Day (writing as Livia Dare) captured all my attention, all my imagination, and my whole heart, the minute I opened it! A compellingly fascinating sci/fi erotic fantasy, that swirlingly encapsulated me in a thrilling, sexy and heartwarming romance like no other! I am absolutely in love with these two characters, Sapphire and Wulf ... they're connection and attraction is magically, spark-flying electric!


All of the futuristic, other-worldly places, all the action packed suspense, and all the sexiness that's so edgy and erotic, just blew me away with magnificent feels on every level! This is one of the books I go back to over and over when I need a pure fantastical steamy romance to fill up my dreamy fantasies with heart throbbing, sigh-worthy reading bliss! 

This erotically engaging story of two kingdoms, battling each other for independence and highly prized resources, find the two Royals now also fighting for control of a treasured concubine as well ... Sapphire and Wulf find themselves in a perilous journey to happiness. It's a scandalously forbidden love, a desperately addictive love and an unselfishly besotted love that is worth all their pain and heartache to protect and to keep. Can an infamous professional concubine from common origins win the heart of the handsome warrior prince, without their countries going to war all over again?

"I've risked my life to keep you" she said.
 "I've risked mine to stay..." - Wulf

The King of Sari desires only his concubine Sapphire, to the utter abhorrence to the Queen, who then retires and banishes her away from the palace. When Sapphire gets to her new home with her fourteen man-servants, to her utter shock and awe, she finds an unexpected gift from the Queen. It's Prince Wulfric of D'Ashier, her country's enemy, in her healing chamber barely alive. She finally regains her freedom from her loveless concubine contract, and now only to die at the hands of the most wondrous, magnificent specimen of a man she has ever seen! 

Wulf met her dark eyes with a raised brow, "So intimate an introduction should be preceded by a kiss, don't you think?"

"What a lovely idea" - Sapphire

Wulfric stands in the healing chamber and prays for death after the torture he's just endured at the hands of an enemy, when he looks up and sees a vision of pure beauty pressing herself on the glass, her pure desire willing him to live. The prince has found his resplendent miracle and will make sure she is by his side forever, no matter the consequences to his kingdom or his heart. She is no longer the King of Sari's special favored concubine, or General Erikson's spirited brilliant daughter ... No, Sapphire is Wulf's Katie, the one and only true love of his existence, and Wulf will put his life and crown on the line to have her forever!

"My prince." She said. The sight of her made his chest ache.
"I'm all yours."

"Never forget that."
In the simulated torchlight, her dark eyes glittered up at him.
"You captured me," she purred. "Stole me. Naked."
"I'd do it again..." - Wulf and Katie

A Sensually Scintillating Swoon-worthy Must Read! 5 STARS!! 

**All quotes from this book are for review purposes only**