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Double-Whammy New Releases! Rosanna Leo And Jessica Cale!

What a wonderful way to bring in the month of March! Two New Releases! Two amazing authors! One is a new release by a series I'm addicted to; the other a brand new author to me with a new release in her series! What a double dose of romance goodness! 

Rosanna Leo's seventh book in her paranormal series, the Gemini Island Shifters, Predator's Rescue is fantabulous!! This series keeps getting better and better ... sexier and sexier too!! I absolutely adore Rosanna, and her writing is so special!! If you really love adventure in your paranormal romances, then this series will blow you away!! 

Jessica Cale is a new author to me, but now I wish I had found her books sooner!! This book, The Long Way Home, book three of The Southwark Saga, completely captivated my heart from beginning to end! I was beautifully enthralled and hopelessly besotted with this sweetly romantic and daringly delightful historical story! 

 See my reviews below, and then head to the author's sites to check out all their heartwarming books!

Predator's Rescue (Gemini Island 7) by Rosanna Leo

Sizzling Shifter Heaven!! Rosanna Rocks It! I think this is my new favorite so far! Soooo Hot! This passionate paranormal story is addicting, tantalizing, and has a gorgeous, growly Alpha shifter no one can resist! Jani can put his mating mark on me anywhere, anytime!! Oh lordy, do I freaking love that tenacious tiger!

Yet another intensely heart melting and action packed adventure on Gemini Island! Fast paced and full of dark twists and sexy turns! I wish this story went on forever! Talk about having a tiger in your bed! Lucky Fleur gets first hand, intimate knowledge just how possessive and skilled Jani can be ... all night long ... He really puts the "hung" in Hungarian!!

So even after all the pain, abuse, and heartache Fleur endured being with the wrong shifter pack for years, she has a really hard time understanding why Jani won't leave her alone ... He actually hunted her down! Is Jani just trying to be the hero, help her save her mother, and then leave her to go off to his perfect life with his conscience cleared? Fleur wants him, who wouldn't, but she's afraid she's too broken and too haunted by her past to keep him. Jani is one big hunk of Hungarian Tiger shifter with a generous loyal heart. He has appointed himself to be Fleur's guardian angel; always there rescuing her from any kind of danger, including herself. Unfortunately, nasty trouble still follows the little wolf shifter, no matter how hard she tries to avoid it. Can Jani's love be strong enough to save her one last time?

This is everything a sexy paranormal romance should be!! Awwwesome Must Read! 

The Long Way Home by Jessica Cale

Sweetly Dreamy Romance!! I'm totally and completely hooked on this historical, sweetly romantic love story! I started reading and I just couldn't put it down!

I was instantly gripped by the longing and unrequited love Alice has for Jack, and just watching him walk away, knowing Alice won't see Jack for years, if ever again, was beautifully excruciating! My heart still aches! The way the romance evolves and the darkly dangerous circumstances these two find themselves in the middle of, years later, is incredibly thrilling! Really brilliant writing that's so engaging with such endearing characters. I especially love the way Jack and Alice are both so besotted and devoted to each other! I was totally absorbed in this exciting and fascinating world Jessica Cale created from the very first paragraph to the last! I read this all in one sitting ... I just had to stay awake and I couldn't put it down until I finished!

I'll definitely be coming back to read many more of these books by this amazing author! I really really loved it!! Heart-melting Must Read!