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Throwback Fave!! Maya Banks' McCabe Trilogy

Outstanding Historicals by Maya Banks! Every single dreamy wondrous thing I could ever want in a romance is in this trilogy! Great twelfth century Scottish warriors, bravely fierce and endearing heroines, wonderfully engaging writing, intensely emotional plots and lots of sweet, steamy loving! The McCabe Trilogy really pops me out of any reading rut and gets me all worked up with every feel under the sun every time I read them!

I love reading the books, but this time I got them all on audio books. Wow! Listening to the amazing Scottish accent while all the heart wrenching drama and sensual suspense unfolds was just out of this world phenomenal! I've listened to these books so many times now, I'm starting to talk like a highlander! You've just gotta get them all!

In Bed With A Highlander

Thrillingly awestruck! The love, strength and courage Mairin and Ewan show all throughout this story is achingly beautiful! Mairin Stewart bravely saves Ewan McCabe's son, she stands up for herself, she stoically faces life threatening dangers, and she blessedly enriches the clan with her generosity and goodness. How she falls so deeply, lovingly devoted to Ewan and the whole McCabe Clan is astounding! Then the way Ewan looks at Mairin, falls in love with her, caringly protects her person and takes such great care of her heart is amazingly breathtaking! What an exciting and brilliant story!


"Aye lass."

"I was wrong."

"What were you wrong about?" 

"You are very skilled at loving."

Seduction Of A Highland Lass 

Swoon-worthy! I'm still crying my eyes out! Unbelievably heart breaking!! Alaric McCabe's duty to his Clan has no limits. He is even to wed the woman Ewan was suppose to, so they can make an alliance, but he's torn, his heart's not in it. Alaric wanted to marry for love, not duty, but it's not to be. On his way to have a meeting with that clan about the nuptials, he and his men are ambushed and left to die. Alaric awakes to the sight of an angel, spewing out orders like the devil to get him to drink, and to live.

Keeley McDonald is an outcast, a healer and absolutely besotted with her gorgeous warrior who is near death. She soon finds a new home, a new love and a new job as healer of her new clan, but it comes with a heavy price. Her beautiful warrior, Alaric is promised to another ... and all of her love, her heart and her soul will go with him when he leaves to be Laird to another clan when he marries another. Now she will do anything to protect Alaric, even sacrifice her own life to see him reach his destiny. 

 "Do you know what would make me feel even better?"

"What?" She asked nervously. 

"A kiss.." 

"Alaric" she whispered

"I like the sound of my name on your lips, lass. Now tell me yours so I may know the name of my angel."

She sighed..."My name is Keeley"

"Keeley" he murmured. "Such a beautiful name. Fitting for such a beautiful lass."

Never Love A Highlander 

Excitingly fiery! I love the battles of the wills in this story! I love the heated passion and the slow burning love driving their hearts to commit completely to each other! 

Third times the charm..or so it goes. My heart went out to the wonderfully tomboyish woman out of time, Rionna McDonald. She was now sitting as a beautiful pawn, rejected by two McCabe brothers and standing at the alter watching her long lost best friend, die in the arms of her supposed groom after saving his life. Well, she didn't want to marry anyway, men are brutes; she loves her freedom and her sword. Unfortunately, the last McCabe brother steps up, orders for her hand, and alliances are signed. She will marry the angry, bossy, rude, gruff, desirably handsome warrior with amazing green eyes, Caelen McCabe... Rionna just has to find a way to shield her heart and keep true to herself.


"Aye lass?"

"You were right.."

"What was I right about?"

"Kissing. 'Tis a most wonderous thing." She could sense his smile, "and you were right about another

thing. There are so many other, places, where kissing brings much pleasure to."

This time he chuckled softly over her head. 

"Go to sleep Rionna..."

**All quotes from this book are for review purposes only**