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Throwback Faves! Two of Lorelei James' Rough Rider Series

Heart-popable! Opening a Lorelei James book is not just entering her wonderful world of amazing cowboy characters, it's also like sauntering into an extraordinary dream come true ... Wistful wishes of wide open Wyoming prairies, warm summer breezes, and big strapping Cowboys on horses galloping towards me, tipping their big black Stetsons with a gleaming wink and a knowing grin, sweeping me up in their arms and riding off into the sunset... *Swoony-Sigh*

Obsessable!! This is some real, real good readin'! I absolutely adore this series! I even went "old school" and reread all my paperbacks! (Oh how I love the feel of a real book in my hands! Don't you?!) I wish I could just list all the books, but I picked a couple of favorites to wet your whistle and prickle your desire to get the rest in this Rough Rider Series... and trust me, these cowboys really do live up to their "rough rider" name in every way!

Addictable! There ain't no better cowboys than these wild McKay's to get a girl all hot and bothered in all the right places! So here's Cord and AJ's sexcapades to love story in Cowgirl Up and Ride, and Kade and Skylar's mistaken' identity to lovers story in Tied up, Tied Down.
I'm so jealous... I wish I was readin' these gems for the very first time! You're in for such a treat!

Cowgirl Up and Ride

Belly-swoopable! This story just makes my heart swell real big! It has it all ... a lovable, gruff and salacious cowboy who knows his way around some hot lovin' and an endearing, sweet, strong cowgirl who wins over her heart's one true love pick for good. I really love all the sexy banter and innocent sassy flirtation that AJ throws at Cord, but what's really great is all the ingenious, wickedly sexy ways Cord takes charge of the naughtily innocent AJ... all night long, in every way possible! 

Amy Jo Foster is all grown up and on a mission... She will have the lustable Cord McKay in her bed if it's the last thing she ever does! This cowgirl has set her spurs on Cord since she was five years old when Cord rescued her from a snake and a run off horse... Today is the day Cord McKay will see her as AJ, a woman, his woman, and she will not take no for an answer.

Cord McKay has been burned by what he reckoned was love and was left with a large ranch to run and a baby son to raise. Now he's just plain lonely, but too damn stubborn to admit it to anyone... especially that sweet talkin' tall drink of lickable spring water, AJ, who just happens to make him an offer Cord could only ever dream of till now... And he reckons he just can't refuse.

" I can't believe I'm really here with you, Cord McKay. I've had a crush on you for so long."
Cord grinned.
"Yeah. But you never noticed me."
"Not entirely true."
He twisted a section of her baby fine hair around his index finger.
"What would you have done if I'd chased after you down at Carter's wedding last year and taken you up on your offer after kiss in' me so sweetly?"
"Probably would've lost my virginity in a car with you at the Bar 9."

- Cord and AJ

Tied Up, Tied Down

Unputdownable! Thee best "Surprise, you're a baby daddy!" "enemies to lovers" story I've ever got my hands on! Funny, heartwarming, exciting and just pure mustreadable goodness all the way through!

Kade McKay may have an identical twin, but it ends at skin deep. As soon as he claps eyes on the curvy sassy Skylar, and she rips him a new one for a date his brother Kane screwed up with her, Kade makes a split decision ... win Skylar's heart and keep her forever. If only he can explain to her that he's Kane not Kade ... Twelve months after a major blowup breakup, Kade gets the surprise of his life ... a very cute little pink bundle with McKay blue eyes bundle in his arms kind of surprise ... and Kade has never been happier. Now how to win his baby girls Momma back into his arms as well.

"Why are you doing this?"
"Because I can."
He zigzagged his tongue up the column of her throat and blew softly on the wetness just to have her trembling in his arms.
"Because you are as temptin' as sin. Because you are beautiful. Because this is how I see you. In my head. In the dark. In the flesh. So when I fuck you every way my sex addled brain can dream up, you'll know I wasn't kiddin' about how hot you can make me burn."

- Kade

Skylar is a strong independent woman, who has her own business, survived a rough time with all her family heartbreak, and now seems to have found her one weakness ... Kade McKay. After all his charmable wooing, his sweet sexy grin and his dirty talking cowboy ways, she succumbed to one night of hot unadulterated parking lot passion with the crazy handsome rancher, only to find out he's not the man she thought he was. Is it all a lie? What's a proud, intelligent and fragile woman to do... Keep what's hers a secret and make the best of it. Who needs that man anyway ... Maybe Skylar does.

"You make me feel things I never thought I would, Kade. Things that are way scarier than being tied up and tied down and subjected to your every sexual whim."
- Skylar

**All quotes from this book are for review purposes only**