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New Release Today! All The Waters of The Earth (Giving You ... 3) by Leslie McAdam


Leslie McAdam's writing is so creative, funny and authentic, with a depth of feels that's so spectacular! Really amazing, engaging characters and a beautifully erotic romance like no other! Leslie's artistic talents and sizzling energy lights up every page of this crazy beautiful story! 

  "I'm not interested in perfect. I'm interested in real." - Jake 

Do you love HEA's that curls all your toes and makes you happy-cry too? Get some! ... I will read whatever this very clever author writes forever!

As soon as Jake almost-knocks on Lucy's door, sees the luscious fun-sized Latina, in a teeny pink bikini, and gets all flustered as he's holding out a red lacy thong from his long, strong fingers with a sexy, shy grin on his glorious face, then sweetly blushes ... "Those yours?" 

It was like one of Lucy's fictional dream-guys just popped off the pages of one of her romance books and into her life for real!

Jake is a first class, suit wearing workaholic by day, and fun, adventurous neighbor by night; a heartbreaking past and a sexy secret hobby, makes Jake a number one, grade-A book-boyfriend!

Perfectly sexy, perfectly funny, perfectly talented and perfectly dreamy! ... Talk about the most swoon-worthy meet-cute in a book ever! Jake may be all work and no play, but things are about to change ...

The story is in Lucy's fantabulous POV ... she's a romance writer, single mom, and the total good-things-come-in-a-little-free-spirit package.

She's obsessed with her new neighbor, Jake, and who also happens to be her new book's hero hunky inspiration in the flesh now ... Whoa-k, no more writers block for this girl!

Hot, sexy, neighbor ... check!

Make tamales to get to talk to him again ... check!

A big smile and batting eye lashes as he takes her gift, he says thanks and shuts the door ... Wait, what?!

Lucy is now in full on "oh no he didn't" mode, that's not how it happens in all of her romance novels! Only a peck on the cheek? Let's try that again ...

“Wait,” I burst out. He stopped and looked at me, his brows raised in silent question. Oh, he was so fine.

“That’s not the way to kiss me,” I whispered, turning my face toward him. Jake smiled, a dazzling smile that made me want to buy his brand of toothpaste.

“No, I suppose it isn’t.”

He ran his finger under my chin and I went up on my tiptoes and looked him straight in his dark blue eyes. He leaned down and kissed me on the mouth, this time for real. A lovely kiss, his mouth heated and wet, his tongue velvety, his strong hand behind my neck, holding me to him. Now that was the proper kiss that I’d wanted from him ever since I laid eyes on him a week ago ... Yum, yum, yummy, yum, yum." - Lucy

I love how relatable and inspiring this story made me feel. I love how warm, self-confident and adorably feisty Lucy is; I especially admire her curvy, fun-sized, petite-ness and her love of the 'five minute heels'!

I love Jake and Lucy's amazing chemistry and all the beautiful surprises they discover about each other and do to each other ...

He traced his fingers down my arms. “I drew this curve today.” He moved to my fingers. “And this one.”

Back up the underside of my arms.

“And this one.”

Then his fingers traced down my side.

“I drew this curve.”

And over my hip.

“And this one is especially beautiful.”

.... He looked up at me, a glint in his blue eyes, and he trailed his nose down the middle of my of my torso.

“I want to draw you, again, Lucy, I want to paint you, but this time, with my tongue.” - Jake

This heartwarming story is so full of artfully poetic ebbs and flows, constantly moving and changing as the relationship grows; their love evolves, becoming so much more than just an opposites-attract romance.

I love how Lucy strengthens herself with the calming, centering vibes of 'all the waters of the earth' in her life, that brings her so much happiness, and peaceful perspective. 'So many good things are created in water' ...

'There was something incredibly soothing about being in the warm water of our pool. It felt womb-like, comforting. A place of creation where my ideas came to me. I loved the sensation of being suspended, feeling weightless, existing temporarily in a different environment. Feeling relief, pleasure, relaxation. Home.' - Lucy

This book is so much more than just a moving mustreadable, it's a beautifully inspiring sexy read; a "creating something from nothing" story that must be fully experienced in the 'negative space' ...

Wow, Leslie. Just really great, great writing!!

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All are in the lovely Heroine's POV and all have heart-melting HEA's too!

Put them on your Goodreads TBR today!

'All The Waters of The Earth' (Giving you ... 3)(

'The Stars in The Sky' (Giving you ... 2)

'The Sun and The Moon' (Giving you ... 1)

**All quotes from this book are for review purposes only**