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Throwback Fave! The MacKenzies by Liliana Hart

Liliana Hart sure can write the spiciest romances with the sweetest HEA's! Fun short stories with really great page-turner erotic hotness! What a crazy good compilation of five steamy novellas about four hot-as-hell brothers living in Surrender, Montana ... And no, they are not cowboys or ranchers ... They're even better!

Tall, dark, handsome and sexy alphas ... All knowing what they want, when they want it, kind of guys. The four brothers surrender their hearts and bodies to that one women who splays each of their lives wide open like a tornado with a side of lightening bolts blazing through it ... Now they just have to hang on to "the one" forever! Brazen beauties and alpha sex gods that bring a whole ton of romantic adventure to every chapter!


Young, handsome and a new college graduate, Dane MacKenzie had it all, including the perfect girl. When his life take a sharp left turn into overwhelming grief and doubt, Dane heads off to find a new life and new adventures as a journalist, leaving everything behind, including Charlotte, his one true love ...

Now feeling called back to Surrender after ten years gone, what and who will be waiting for him is about to be thee biggest surprise a guy could ever get...

"Did you know, I couldn't understand the sudden pull I had to come home? All I knew was that I needed to be here. And now that I'm here, everything feels right. Even though I wasn't expecting to see you in Surrender, I was hoping the whole way home that you would be here waiting for me." - Dane


Good, responsible, Thomas MacKenzie ... solid, steady and the only one who still lives in the family home. He became a doctor to help the town of Surrender, but all the town folks see is the wild MacKenzie rep, not the grown man, changed and educated. One day working his property, a car crashes into a tree, grabbing his attention and getting his heart pounding when he sees the gorgeous red head slumped over the wheel. That's all it takes for Thomas' soul to be stolen and for him to stake his claim of forever on the sexy little thief, Cat ... no matter what kind of crazy trouble she brings with her.

“No, sweetheart. It’s Surrender.” He smiled into her delirious eyes, though his brow creased with worry ... She caught him by surprise when she brought her hand up and rested it on his cheek ... She smiled sweetly and stared at him with a depth that made him yearn. “My fallen angel,” she said ... “And you’re mine, sweetheart. You just don’t know it yet.” -Thomas


History and mystery is the center of Riley MacKenzie's life ... and the strange email from a desperate women with an impossible situation shrouded in danger, is irresistible to this man, who lives for adventure, in and out of the bedroom. Maggie has a priceless gem and an instantaneous attraction to the renown Professor MacKenzie, if only she was daring enough to take what he's offering ... happily ever after never felt this decadent.

“When you came last night, who were you thinking of?” She gasped and dropped her gaze, her face heating even further ... She tried to get up, but he brought his other arm up and put it on the back of her chair so she was caged. “Tell me the truth. I heard every moan and gasp that came from your mouth, and do you know what those sounds did to me?” He leaned closer so his lips grazed her ear and felt her shiver ... “It made me hard. Almost as hard as I am right now.” -Riley


Cop by day, mysterious Master Dom by night, Cooper MacKenzie was a secretive man with many talents ... except one. Claire was the bane of his existence. She was everything he could ever want and the one girl he should stay away from. That small town girl with the exotic sex appeal would never understand Cooper's darker needs and his undercover missions to expose a drug lord, until Claire flops herself right in the drug lords lap at the Club. Now there will no more secrets between them ever again and Cooper's heart won't go down without a fight.

"You can fight this, but you won't win." He said. "Despite the circumstances that brought you to my attention ... It only took one kiss to know that you were mine." - Cooper

Love what you see? Want more? Go check out Liliana's website to get even more books in this scorching hot alpha-men series!

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