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New Author To Me! Sierra Simone's "Priest"

The forbidden fruit has never been sweeter; taking that forbidden fruit has never been sexier! What a spectacular story, Sierra Simone!

"Priest" is so so much more than just a young man lusting after the new girl in town or a priest who succumbs to a jezebel-like penitent parishioner. Tyler's devout love for his God, his Catholic rituals and his insatiable love for Poppy was absolutely incredible! Their heat, their desires, their guilt and their heart wrenching love for each other is devastating their lives and yet compelling them together, no matter the cost.

"You are truly beautiful, ... Whatever happens after this, I just want you to know that this was worth it. You were worth it. You were worth everything." - Tyler Bell 

Tyler and Poppy's fiery passion and undeniable addictable attraction just lit up the pages for me!

"I was a priest ... I was suppose to be the shepherd of the flock, not the wolf ... As guilty as I felt, I didn't know if I could control myself if I saw her again." - Father Bell

All the battles that Poppy and Tyler have to mentally thrash with, contend with and even all the emotional sacrifice to desperately try to find a way to keep each other, was just so astoundingly heart-felt and excruciatingly beautiful!

I was moved to tears as Tyler fought all his inner turmoil, crying at the alter, begging for forgiveness as he wrestled between all that he wanted to do against what he thought he should do, all in the name of avenging his sister's memory and reclaiming his battered faith.

But then along came Poppy, a raving beauty who injects Tyler's heart with a loving lust like he never thought was possible ... Is she a test from God to resist and pass or Tyler's one true blessing from heaven to make his life worth living?

"She was close enough that I could reach out and take her hips in my hands and pull her to me; close enough that I could grab her kept under there" - Tyler Bell

The struggle is real.... Tyler Bell, the man, vs Father Bell, the priest. Which one wins out in the end?

Can a reader become totally in love and unequivocally obsessed with a character to the point as I am now with Father Tyler Bell? Oh Yes!! I am so crazy crazed, I'm out of my mind jealous of Poppy Danforth right now, and she ain't even real!

This was the best tantalizingly titillating taboo erotica I've ever read!

Oh Sweet Lord, it's goes way beyond erotic! It's salaciously sinful!

"I wanted to. I wanted to. I wanted to fuck this woman more than I'd ever wanted anything in my life. And perversely, the fact that I couldn't, that it would be wrong on every single level - moral, professional, personal- made it even hotter. It made the image, the imagined feeling of it, a single bright point of obsession, until I was mindlessly rutting against her, sucking and nibbling at her as if I could burn out this need by devouring every inch of her skin ... I would have flogged myself every day for the rest of my life if I could've been inside her right then..." - Father Tyler Bell

Holy sweet mother, have mercy on my soul, this man is the ultimate dark tempting desire dressed as a pious clergyman, who secretly harbors an inexhaustible libidinous lust like nothing I've ever read before.

Rough, raw and so edgy! Tyler, as man or priest, can really bring the panty soaking dirty talk and some serious sacrilegious spankings to his very naughty little lamb!

I LOVED IT! Now I'm off to say about a hundred Hail Mary's in a really cold shower!!

**All quotes from this book are for review purposes only**