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Throwback Fave! Exposed To You, A One Night of Passion Novel by Beth Kery

Aww-mazing Read! Beth Kery knows how to hook me in from page one! The brilliant heart stopping intensity brings me to sniffley tears and fills up my love-thirsty heart to bursting in every single chapter! The most deeply sensual and sweetly endearing book I've ever read!

This story is a fabulous roller-coaster of emotions! It's loaded with Very, Very heated passion and a warm, tender, awe-inspiring love, all swirling together so perfectly to overcome the toughest of odds ... cancer. It'll always be at the top of my favorite must re-read list!

The way Joy Hightower, the artist, meets the infamous Everett Hughes, the actor, is adorably and salaciously unique! He knows her, but she doesn't recognize him all covered in movie makeup. By the time she's done painting his extremely ripped, hard body, they are both melting in wants and needs ... Joy decides. This is it. Go for it. She just needs to feel alive and daring one last time. Joy jumps in to live in the moment, give in to her fantasy, bring this man pleasure and commit every minute of it to memory ... before her harsh reality stomps all over her dreams. Joy's bravery and overcoming spirit drove me to tears, especially when she has to make the toughest choices of her life for love.

"Why did she want to hold on to that brilliant flare of lust that the stranger's fierce eyes and hard cock promised? Maybe because you were told today that life and a future aren't a certainty, that both of those things were as ephemeral, as difficult to hold on to as unexpected lightening strike of desire." -Joy

Talk about a crush-worthy book-boyfriend! I love every minute with Everett Hughes, the swoon-worthy movie-star with a heart as big the moon ... he's pure fantasy come true! He brings to my mind a certain blonde Thor-like actor, all golden haired, big, tall and a deep sexy voice that vibrates right off the pages! His unwavering devotion, his unselfish giving spirit and Everett's lust for life is exuberant and contagious ... This guy is extremely heart-melting and romantic!

His nostrils flared slightly...
"I hated the fact that I wasn't able to touch you that first time," he said in a hushed tone. His hands spread along the sides of her rib cage, distracting her.
"I hated the fact that you probably were left thinking I was single minded and selfish --"
"I didn't think that," she interrupted him.
He brushed her lower lip with the tip of his thumb...
"I was selfish. I was single-minded. That's not the part I regret. I regretted not being able to give you the same unselfish pleasure you gave me in return. Let me do that now Joy. Let me show you I can give as well as I get." - Everett

As Joy slowly exposes all her secrets and a hidden torment, as the paparazzi exposes their private relationship, Everett can only hope that Joy exposes an honest love for him, the man, not the movie-star, as he slices his heart open and exposes it for her ... A beautiful story, beautifully written that exposes a truly beautiful love to last a lifetime!

Something so amazing, so brilliant, couldn't be a lasting thing. It wasn't even conceivable. - Joy

I will never get enough of Beth Kery's books! This series is fantastic!! Get them all!

**All quotes from this book are for review purposes only**