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Throwback Fave!! Relentless by Lauren Dane

Ready to get all swoony-crazy nuts about a seriously awesome story right now?!  I absotively-posilutely luuve reading this book over and over and over again!

Relentless has everything a romance-aholic craves! Lauren Dane is my go-to one-click must-have author of all things erotic romance!

This story is an enjoyable, realistic-like, erotic futuristic-sci/fi, and a fantastically rare heart-tugging gem ... It truly has it all; poignancy, politics, and a passion that fills up every sweet moment in this amazing 'adversaries-to-forbidden-lovers' story ... with the most heart melting HEA that only dreams are made of!

Superbly written, with astoundingly authentic, enchanting characters and an endearing secret romance ... It just woos me and grips me from the first page to the very last word. Just so meaningful and heart-warming, all wrapped up in some of the most heated steamy sexiness I've ever laid eyes on!

The love between Roman and Abbie just feels so combustible and intense ... it astounds me every time I re-read how much they are in lusty insatiable love ... I have never read a more touching and emotional romance ... Their relentless explosive chemistry jumps off every page!

"You're much more than a bad habit, Roman Lyons." -Abbie

Gawd, how I love and admire Abbie Haws!! She's everything I want to be when I grow up! Sharp, strong and a relentless rabble-rouser barrister, fighting to make Ravena a better place for all its people, no matter their station. She strives for equality, justice and a representation of all the unranked people's voice in the ruling Families impenetrable powerful system. She is a lovely risk-taking rebel who loves the dirty-talking, and always surprising Ranked powerhouse of a man, Roman, even if he can never be her's ...

"I love your mouth. I love how the moment the door is closed, the most delightfully naughty things come from you. It's so ... Unexpected. Deliciously unexpected. Like a secret." - Abbie

Roman Lyons is the ultimate alpha ... a relentless governing leader; compassionate, fair and dedicated. As the most powerful Family House in the Known Verses, he works tirelessly to see the Ranked treat the unranked justly, and he always puts Ravena's people first. So why is Roman the target of the growing rebellion, and why is the irresistible lure of this gorgeous unranked political revolutionary, Abigail, enticing him to want a whole new kind of forbidden, desirous, addictive passion, the likes he has never experienced? If only he wasn't promised to make an alliance by marriage to another House ...

"The look in your eyes as you give yourself to me, even knowing this will end. You're written into me so deep, Abbie. Indelible ... I will never feel this way about another woman ever." -Roman

This story has it all ... Relentless struggles, relentless lust, relentless devotion, relentless heartache and a relentless love ... every feel under the sun for the most relentless pleasure-filled reading I could ever hope for in a book! Every book in this series can be read as a standalone, and I highly encourage and recommend to you all to get every single one of them!!

**All quotes from this book are for review purposes only**