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New Release! Romanced by a Seal by Cat Johnson

FINALLY!! Cat Johnson, I've been dying for this book!! Ever since I read the very first Hot Seals story about Jon and Ali, Night With A Seal, I've been very very impatiently waiting and re-reading the other eight books in this series to see what happens! So here it is...


OMFG! Amazing Intensity!! I LUUUUVV IT!

Jon Rudnick is a Navy Seal, and always will be a Navy Seal, it's in his blood whether he's active duty or not, and it drives him to do the unthinkable, the impossible and the most incredibly dangerous mission of his life.

The enormous stress of all the secrets and lies Jon puts himself through to take on a very top secret mission, deep deep undercover in Iraq, that no one on the planet knows about except one other contact, not even his GAPS team, was so indescribably nerve wracking! It's almost unbearably suspenseful!! It's absolutely riveting!

“I learned long ago to train how I fight and fight how I train.” -Jon

Poor sweet Ali!! My heart aches for her!! She is in the most excruciating situation a woman in love with a Seal can be ... Jon has been distant and inattentive a lot lately, but this new sudden disappearance takes on a whole new darker meaning ... Jon has completely vanished. He's gone. No one can find him, and Ali is gripped in fear, desperation and paranoia. It's all making her physically ill, and what if Jon will never ask her to marry him, or worse ... What if he never comes home?


She’d waited for weeks for word on Jon but 'found' was not the word she wanted to hear.

Found how? His body? Him alive? Him injured?

So many questions that Ali never got an answer to as the room swayed around her." -Ali

THIS is the best Hot Seals story in the series so far!! All the exciting military mission action and all the heart-breaking emotions, I'm just blown away!! It's a pure 'edge of my seat thrill' read on each and every page!!

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