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Throwback Fave! The Billionaire's Obsession by J.S. Scott

All the excitement over a new movie trailer in social media lately about a certain sexy billionaire has reignited my reading lust for all my erotic billionaire books ... One of my top faves? The Billionaire's Obsession!

You've got to get some hot alpha-licious broody billionaire action by J.S. Scott! I am bonkers for her badass billionaires! Every single one is just sigh-mazingly addictable!

Only one word comes to mind when I read this book ... Mine! Because when I'm in the mood for a brazenly bossy billionaire, Simon Hudson is my number one, go-to guy ... Many. Times. Over! Ev-ver-ree-thing about this salaciously sexy, gamer geek just gets my panting heart all a hyperventilating!

For over a year, Simon's been obsessively, madly crushing on a sweet, beautiful, nursing student/waitress, Kara Foster, and she has no idea Simon even exists ... until her world comes crashing down around her ... Want a teaser, I mean quote? 

"I'd like one night, Kara. Not because you have to, but because you want it too. I'll help you, regardless. It's your choice whether or not to give me what I want. But be warned ... I like control."
"What does that mean exactly?"
"Total surrender," he answered in a low, hoarse voice that vibrated with barely-controlled passion.
"Think about it. Say the word and I'll give you every ounce of pleasure I'm capable of giving."

Simon is one of those book-boyfriends that once you read him, you'll always want him! He's such a memorable character ... a panty-melting hottie, and an irresistible fixer-upper, that just needs true love to heal him. Crusty and scarred on the outside, but vulnerable and marshmallow-gooey on the inside ... The perfect combo, if I do say so myself, in my fictional boyfriend expertise of course! Read this teaser:

"I want you, Simon. Desperately." Her fuck-me-breathless voice saying those particular words made Simon groan, desperate to be inside her. But still ...
"Don't do this out of gratitude," he growled.
"I would never do this out of gratitude. I'm tired of fighting this attraction between us, Simon. I want my one night ..."
One night. Simon's heart was thundering.
"Total surrender?"
"I'm not sure what that means ... but yes ... total surrender ..."
"It means that I need control. I want to tie you to my bed, blindfold you, and fuck you until neither of us is able to move."
Simon felt her shiver in his arms, but she answered softly, "Then do it. Take me to bed, Simon."

This story is just wonderfully romantic and hotly erotic with a lovely simplicity to it; a heart-warmingness and an endearingness, that's makes this a dreamy-like, falling-in-forever-love kind of fantastic contemporary romance to read over and over! Here's just one more sexy hot quote to get you hooked: 

One night.
One night my ass. One night will never be enough. She's mine.
Simon had known it last night and he knew it now. He would never get enough of Kara. She was an obsession that he couldn't get over with one night of incredible sex. He wasn't sure what it was going to take, but it hadn't been relieved by screwing her brains out. If anything, it was worse. Now that he had possessed her once, he wanted her again and again.

I snagged this collection in paperback a while ago, so you may see it now in a new cover.

How ever you can get your hands on this book, do it ... Trust me, your hopeless romantic heart will thank you!

**All quotes from this book are for review purposes only**