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Gotta ReRead! Rush, Book One of The Breathless Trilogy by Maya Banks

Maya Banks is a romance writing goddess! I devour all of her books over and over and over, never ever getting enough of her charismatic characters and sensational storytelling! Some of the best BDSM Bookgasm reads ever!

The Breathless Trilogy is addictive! Every single moment in the first book, Rush left me literally breathless, panting, and gasping in awe from the rad reading rush the story takes me on! The pure raw, beautiful passion is almost overwhelming and absolutely absorbing on every single page!

Rush will pull you in ... tantalizing you, teasing you, and tormenting you with this May-December clandestine love affair that seems doomed from the start ... secret contracts to do secret deeds, and secretly falling in love ... seriously sexy!

More than just a billionaire falling for the forbidden girl, this story oozes desire and scintillating need from a very unlikely couple ... Mia Crestwell is so much younger than Gabe. She's so innocent, so exuberant, so perfect and his business partner's/best friend's little sister. Gabe's bastard soul and hard heart craves control in all things, and he has edgy, libidinous needs that no woman has ever fully satisfied ... until Mia kneels before him and makes all his dark fantasies come to life, the way he's been dreaming of her seemingly forever ...

"Gabe," she whispered, his name like a moan.
... His finger slid inside her and she moaned again. His thumb applied more pressure, moving in a circular motion as his finger stroked deeper. Then he nipped at her breast, grazing his teeth over the puckered edge ...
"Come for me Mia," Gabe said. "I want to feel you come in my hand."
His finger slid deeper, pressing against her G-spot. She gasped as his thumb pressed over her clit and he sucked her nipple into his mouth once more. She closed her eyes and cried out his name as the first waved crashed over her ...
"That's right. My name, Mia. Say it again. I want to hear it."
"Gabe," she breathed.
- Mia

Mia has wanted Gabe Hamilton practically her whole life ... if only he didn't look at her like a little girl, his best friend's little sister, but as the grown woman who wants him and loves him above everything else ... even if it means she must learn to love him they way he needs to be loved ... secretly, submissively and unrequited ... until Gabe destroys it all.

"There's no hope for me with you, Mia. I make you promises I can't keep. I'm not myself when I'm with you. I'm not even sure I like myself right now. But I can't stop. God, even if it makes you hate me, I can't stop. I won't stop. My need for you consumes me and it's not going away." - Gabe

I can not sing this book enough praises! It's one of those stories that makes me tingly in all the naughty places and leaves me begging for more ... You want this book!! Go get some Gabe!

**All quotes from this book are for review purposes only**