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New Gotta Read! Ruthless, A Lawless Novel by Lexi Blake

New year, new books! Happy New Year Everyone! This is going to be such a fun year posting about new books to read and my favorite books I love to re-read!! Big Thanks to all who read my posts here and on the other social media sites! You all made 2016 so great and I look forward to all the romazing fun we will have with all the sexy romance books in 2017!!

Now this book is the way to start the year off right with one of my favorite authors, Lexi Blake and her first book in her new contemporary romance series: Ruthless, A Lawless Novel.

I always tell readers, if Lexi Blake wrote it, I own it, and I've never met any one of her book-boyfriends I haven't fallen madly in love with ... this new book, Ruthless, is no different, it's pure reading bliss!

Read it, love it, have to read it again and again! You will definitely sigh and swoon your way through this one! Ruthless, is one of those wonderful, glorious gems that as soon as I started on page one, the whole day flew by because I couldn't put the book down!

I was totally invested in Riley and Ellie, like instantly, and then add in all the plotting that the Lawless family set up to finally avenge the murder of their parents ... wow, this is so good!! It really leads to an exciting, nail-biting, twisted adventure that is so fast paced and so moving, I never wanted the book to end!

Ruthless has it all ... brilliant writing, suspenseful intrigue, great family bonds, emotional intimacy, awesome sexitimes ... it's just a heart-melting, sextastic perfection!

Riley and Ellie have such a passionate "enemies to lovers" thing ... especially since Ellie Stratton has no idea Riley has ulterior motives. I love the mind-blowing, intense insta-lust they have together, and I absolutely adore their slow building "tension" throughout too. I know their love-bubble will pop eventually but I could feel all their intensity, and all the spine tingly "dread" as all their secrets close in all around them ... what are they going to do when the truth is exposed? ... It's so delicious!!

Eleanor, aka Ellie, Stratton is a highly intelligent CEO, bookworm nerdy girl and way, way too trusting. She has always been surrounded by cold, calculating, ruthless people but still holds on to her ideals and optimism. When her new legal counsel, Riley Lang takes over her legal affairs and her life, she tries to believe that maybe she can trust love again.

"It might be wrong. It might be completely unprofessional, but she was going to have him. She was going to sink herself into an affair with him and not worry about the consequences. For once in her life, she was going to do something wild, something for herself. She gave herself over, letting go of everything but the feel of those lips on hers." - Ellie

Riley Lawless, aka Riley Lang as he assumes an alias to infiltrate Ellie's company as her lawyer, is ruthless ... He is smart, dangerous and very cautious who he trusts. All he wants is justice, not love, but it seems he may end up getting a lot more of one and out played by the other ...

"I'm going to be in your life, Ellie." he replied, passion plain in his voice. "Let me come to your bed. I'm not going to be able to go back to being friends. I'll want you every second of every day." - Riley

I love Lexi Blake's clever, entertaining writing and all the warm, emotional feels she weaves into this story ... as all of Riley's best laid plans start to implode when Ellie wiggles her way into his heart, he makes a classic mistake, he falls for the mark, changing his revenge game to a protection mission ... This book is Fuckin-Fantabulous X 10!

As luck would have it, book two Satisfaction, A Lawless Novel that is all about Bran, is out right now! Guess you know what I'll be reading next!

Start out the new year great, get a Lexi Blake book and fall in love with her H.A.F. man-candy heroes!

**All quotes from this book are for review purposes only**