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Gotta Read! Sol, Love In Translation 1 by Leslie McAdam

Sol by Leslie McAdam is a contemporary romance masterpiece between a HAF Army veteran and the sexy hippie princess of his dreams. Beautifully written, artfully creative, exquisitely heartwarming and absolutely moving in every way ... just be prepared for all the ugly cries!



Sol is all about lighting up a new path in Danika and Trent’s awe-mazing world and bursting them into a bright future. It’s an authentically touching story, that’s not only supremely sexy but also beautifully inspiring. The book setting in Spain and Spanish culture makes the story even more magical and romantic. Every chapter is a shimmering gem, with golden nuggets of goodness and sexy surprises throughout. Leslie McAdam wraps me up into this brilliant story of overcoming all sorts of pain and having a second chance at life, no matter what has been thrown in the way.

Sol has so many wonderfully enticing elements. It’s opposites attract sexy with the older woman and younger man connection. It’s also a little forbidden with the a man crushing on his best friend’s older sister. Then Sol gets a bit taboo when the story changes to an Army veteran becoming a student and pursues his college professor ... and the best part? Trent and Danika are all of those scenarios all bundled up in one hell of an erotically romantic story that moved me to tears and made me fall in love with their unbreakable connection no matter how bumpy the road to happiness gets.

I’d known. I’d just known that we had an attraction that neither one of us wanted to admit. Her reaction proved it.
And now, for fuck’s sake, I had to leave.
This kiss was a goodbye when we’d never said hello ...
“I’m sorry I didn’t do that sooner.” The words tumbled out as I let her go. She slid off the pinball machine. Her stunned eyes gazed up at me, her lips swollen, her breath coming out in pants.
“I wish our first kiss wasn’t a goodbye kiss.”

Sol made Danika and Trent come to life and jump right into my heart ... Trent is young, disciplined and has his life in order, till one day in Afghanistan changes him forever. Now he’s damaged, guilt-ridden and out of control, but one star shines in his vision, Danika. Now he not only has a reason to live but a new mission ... Get the girl. Danika is a free-spirited teacher with a bohemian gypsy heart. All of her life has been saying goodbye to everyone and every place she lands in the world, but when Trent walks into her classroom, her flibberty-jibbitt hippie world explodes, right along with her ovaries ... and she can’t decide if that’s a good thing or a bad omen. Now both must confront the unconfrontable, and find a way to move on, hopefully together choosing a ticket in the sunshine.

“Wants what?”
A grin lifted her pretty lips. “Wants to get to know you better. Four years looks good on you. I remember that time in
the pizza parlor...”
I tilted my head to the side, and hope reared up. “So when I take you back to your apartment, you’d let me kiss you the way I did before I left for boot camp?”
She nodded. “And maybe more than a kiss. Just for tonight.”
I leaned in. Better to be blunt than to be misunderstood. “Casual sex. Friends with benefits.”
Her eyes widened. “Well, if you put it that way.” She shrugged then gave me a huge Dani smile. My God, there was my dream come true. I didn’t have to keep her out of reach anymore.
“Got it.”

Sol is just special. I loved the heartfelt journeys these characters have to go on to find not only true love and true peace, but it’s also to discover the magic of self-empowerment, forgiveness and new hope like I have never read in a book. It’s full of heart, happiness, and heat! I felt their pain and I felt their love ... So grab a box of tissues and settle into one of the “best ugly cry books that will turn you on like no other” book experiences you’ve ever read!

Sol lives up to its title ... a warm place in the sun. It’s shined a light on some of the insecure places in my own heart I never examined. I not only had my own feelings exposed and revealed, but all the touching life lessons beautifully described yoga scenes and the revelations of forgiveness, helped me heal a little. This book will be a part of me for a long time. Trent and Danika’s story made me focus on my own life journey, opening my eyes to my own value and to forgive myself ... What an incredibly, amazingly emotional read for me, but so comfortingly cathartic too ... like a big hug.

Sol touched my soul, and I’ll always keep this book in the top drawer of my heart bureau forever and ever.

***All quotes in this post are from the book and are for review purposes only***