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Gotta ReRead! One Wicked Night by Shayla Black (writing as Shelley Bradley)

I’m ending this awesome book year with a story I fell in love with instantly a long while ago, and I re-read faithfully a couple times a year. I have a strange fascination and a giddy compulsion to read this erotic historical romance over and over. Just the title alone drew me in, and then as I read, each page and each chapter captivated me and still does. When all the mystery, danger and deception reached a breathtaking crescendo, I was obsessed, totally and completely.


One Wicked Night by Shayla Black, writing as Shelley Bradley, is one of those stories that is not only unputdownable but extremely romantic. I absolutely love everything about this story. It has every element of its genre, a few sub-genres wound in that I love to read about, and it’s even a bit taboo! Amazing is too small an expletive, but it is so original, sexy and engaging.

Lady Serena Boyce is a married woman, and her husband is a Duke. All her life she’s prayed for a peaceful home, a kind husband and a house full of children. Only now her much older husband is unable to make love, never mind make a baby that they both desperately need and want. The Duke needs an heir as soon as possible and if he can’t conceive a child upon Serena then he has just the solution ... Only the god-fearing Serena can’t imagine having an affair with a total stranger, committing adultery, just so they can save the Duke’s estates from a horrible nephew inheriting ... but fate has intervened when Serena is rescued from an assault by a handsome, irresistible and compelling Marquess, and willingly melts in his arms for the first time in her sheltered life.

The Marquess Of Daneridge, Lucien Clayborne faced with another lonely night, drinking away his pain and sorrows, or seduce the angelic damsel that he just rescued from a robber. She is mysterious, beguiling and beautiful. The best part of their accidental encounter is the fact that she’s stranded and he is her only way home, with a slight detour to his residence ... Lucien needs her arms and her warmth for comfort, for solace and for an escape ... just one night. One wicked night. He’s been burned and scorned by his ex-wife and has no intention of ever trusting a woman again. But this one powerful night with this enchanting woman has Lucien on a collision course with a new destiny and a second chance at redemption ... If he can just find out who she is first.

I think these two characters, Serena and Lucien are one of the most memorable couples I have ever read about, they are one of my most favorite hero and heroine in an erotic romance. Lucien and Serena are complicated complex characters and I love how they meet. How they become mystery lovers then inconvenient enemies. When a secret unexpected surprise brings them together, the adversity binds them and exposes their true hearts. They both have had so many disappointments and disillusions in their pasts about what they thought love was, that leads them to question all the heartache and desperation. So when destiny throws them together on that clandestine stormy, rainy night, their world’s are turned upside down irrevocably ... and one wicked secret night will last a lifetime.

Serena Boyce’s pious upbringing had so many strict ideals forced upon her that she’s trying to live up to, and trying so hard to be perfect. She wants to be the perfect Duchess, the perfect wife and a perfect woman of society because her family’s past is so scandalous. Lucien Clayborne is a man who’s always in control, and always in a position of power, but when his life falls apart as he watches all that he loves slip away, Lucien becomes regretful, bitter, angry, jaded and distrustful of all women, but mostly he questions of his own sanity and judgement.

When Serena and Lucien are together it is pure magnetic passion. I really enjoy their angsty struggles, how they fight their deep desires and lusty emotions, how they war within themselves and with each other at every turn. But what’s really overwhelming and addicting is the magnificent sexual chemistry, the true love connection between Serena and Lucian that cannot be denied no matter what troubles cross their paths. I love this story because it has the dangerous mystery, some sweet surprises and a whole lot of hot, sexy romance that just melts my heart and makes my heart race every time I read this book ... it’s just soooo good!

So thank you everyone for a great year of romance reading, and goodbye 2017, it was a fantabulous book year ... and hello 2018, I can’t wait to read all the new sexy romance that will be coming my way!