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Gotta Re-Read!! Bliss by Opal Carew

About six years ago, I was taking my weekly bookstore stroll, overwhelmed by all those new-book-smell endorphins, when I picked up Bliss by Opal Carew. I thought to myself as I eyed this sexy book cover, "Hmmm, Bliss. Now doesn't that sound just wonderful..." and it really was! This was the very first book I had ever read by Opal Carew and it stole my heart! Fantasies can come true!!

Everything about this erotic romance drew me in, making me buy it at once ... the very sensual cover pic, the red colored background, the back blurb, and especially the title, Bliss ... "It's better than pleasure, it's Bliss" ... now that sounded so incredibly irresistible! I mean, come on, who wouldn't want pure bliss?

Bliss is not only a love story about two exceptional and exciting characters on the sexy road to happiness, but it has so many intriguing scenes to learn and experience like it's a Tantra sex-ed book ... absolutely amazing!! I loved learning about something so fascinating and new to me just as the main heroine, Kara, enjoyed trying, while also reading about the spark of true passion that sets J.M. and Kara's life on fire.  Love at first sight has never been hotter!

Kara Spencer, a sex columnist with very little experience in sex, is forced to go to a sex convention to interview a Tantra master/ sex author for her magazine. As part of her research, she decides to experiment with a few of the flirting skills she's been researching with a gorgeous man she's sitting near in the airport ... only it works too well! Kara's not only having the first one-night stand of her life when there's a layover delay, she's having the absolute best sex of her life with J.M.

But no one falls in love at first sight, do they?

J.M. Smith, aka Jeremy Smith, author and sex master, has fallen instantly and irrevocably in love, as a beautifully flushed brunette flies by him in the airport, and he knows ... She's his perfect woman. All of his positive affirmations has worked, and now all he has to do is to convince his beauty that their amazing nights together, exploring all the wonders of Tantric sex was beyond special ... it's their destiny. It's too bad she doesn't believe in love at first sight, so now it's up to him to prove it ... it's a good thing the fates are smiling on him right now, Kara is not only at the same convention, but she's the journalist interviewing him for her article ... now if only he was a master at matters of her heart as well as he was a master of her body ...

A bargain is reached, a time limit set, and no sexual fantasy is off limits, as Kara and J.M. follow their desires and their hearts to discover lasting love ...

If any of you have never explored all the erotic wonders that are Opal's books ... you are missing out!! Not only are the stories fantastically romantic but so inspirational and educational is all things sexy ... so push away all your boundaries and follow your bliss!

 ** No books were harmed in the making of this book pic ... it's not really water on a beach, but this cover does remind me of one of my favorite classic romance movies!