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Gotta Re-Read!! Tart (A Delicious Novel) by Lauren Dane

Beautifully Done! I'm amazed each and every time I read Tart (A Delicious Novel) by Lauren Dane!

This story is sensual, moving, and so darn loving! Tart absolutely lives up to the title ... it's delicious! Tart is not just a super hot ménage romance, it's a crazy complicated, emotionally messy, love-fest too!

I adore how all of my favorite characters from her other books in this series are popped in, making me smile, and I really love how nothing is how it appears between Juliet, Cal, and Gideon as the bumpy road to happily ever after takes a big twisty turn into the ménage unknown ... Can the three of them together really make this love thing work?

Gideon Carter is a cowboy on a mission. Divorced, and back to manage his grandfather's farm, he's decided to stay in his old home town permanently, and just so happens to meet up with the most vivacious young woman he ever laid eyes on ... Juliet Lamprey has sure grown up to be a whole lot of beautiful sexy, and he wants all that all over him with a red hot passion. One kiss and he knows this is the woman he's meant to be with for the rest of his life. Only one problem ... Cal Whaley wants her, and just so happens Cal wants Gideon too. Now what kind of strange love triangle did he get himself into ... maybe the best kind?

"I'm hungry for you Jules." He took a deep breath and stepped back. "I'm hungry for you and it aches."
He bent and took a kiss, this
one more bold than the last. His tongue slid in, against hers and then he was gone again.
"I want to enjoy that ache for awhile." - Gideon

Cal Whaley has it all ... a great family, a prosperous law firm, and all the boys or girls he can get his mouth on. Cal is not a manwhore, just a serial monogamist ... one hottie at a time, but there's always a time limit. Nothing serious for this workaholic, and definitely not long term ... Cal still hopes deep down, he can have Juliet as more than friends, but that one kiss all those years ago showed him loud and clear, Juliet is the one, but he's just never been ready to cross that line ... but something's changed with Juliet lately and that change has a name, Gideon Carter. Now has Cal lost his chance with Juliet ... or does he really want Gideon in his bed. Can he have both?

"What. Was. That?"
He licked his lips and began to pace the alley.
"That was a kiss, Juliet."
"No duh. I've seen you kiss lots of other people enough to know. But why me? Why now? What's wrong?"
He threw his hands up in the air. "What's wrong? What's wrong is that you taste so fucking good I'll never forget it."
He continued to pace, shoving his fingers through his hair, disheveling it ...
"I'm tired, Jules. Tired of telling myself I don't want you when everyone on the planet knows it's a lie. I do want you. I'm tired of seeing you with another man when I wanted you first." - Cal

Juliet Lamprey is exuberant, generous, and totally honest ... a very "call it like she sees it" kinda woman. She has a really successful bakery, lots of friends, and a disheveled family but she makes it all work in her extremely busy life. She's never met a stranger, Juliet's only had one "love of her life" experience and that's with her now best friend, Cal, who gave her one mind blowing a kiss at fifteen, then when off to college. Never happened again. She is firmly in the friend zone and sits by watching Cal go through guys and girls like he changes boxers, so Juliet has made up her mind to quit pining, and she meets the perfect man to move on with, Gideon. A walking talking sex machine in a cowboy hat has just moved back to town, and Juliet is putting her claim in. Only now Cal is acting jealous. Is he jealous that's she's seeing him seriously or is he jealous cause Cal wants Gideon? Oh God!

"As it happens, I like cock too."
Cal threw his hands up in the air and Jules grabbed her bag.
"Nice one," Cal hissed as he followed her out the door.
"Wait, why are you leaving?"
She spun.
"I can't do this. I ... I can't always wonder if he's in it for me, or for you. Or if you are. I just ..."
She tried to keep walking but Gideon moved in front of her, taking her arms.
Cal moved him over.
"Baby its you. Always and only you." ...
Fuck. Now Gideon got it.
"He's right. Stop thinking, even for a moment, that if it was a choice I'd do anything but choose you. What I'm proposing is that we share you ... I want to be with you and if that means sharing you with Cal, I'm willing to try it. And yes, in the interests of full disclosure, I enjoy men."
"I have to think." - Juliet

Tempted? Tantalized? Teased? Wet your appetite for more? ... Get this Must Read today!

You really really want to read Tart and find out what Juliet decides and all the crazy shenanigans that ensue!!

**All quotes from this book are for review purposes only**