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Gotta Read! All About The D by Lex Martin & Leslie McAdam

Best RomCom Evah!

Yusss! ... A new release, All About The D by this dynamic duo in the romance book world is here! 

I absolutely adore Lex Martin and Leslie McAdam individually, each with their own amazing romances, but when they decided to team up and combine their sexy imaginations to bring us this booktacular goodness ... Wow!

A whole lot of HOT and hilariously heartwarming! Fasten the seatbelts romcomaholics, you are in for something so incredibly special! I f-love Josh and Evie so hard!

Evelyn Mills is a serious lawyer by day and an adorkable DIY queen in her spare time. Evie is just nerdtacular ... the beautiful, curvy girl next door, oblivious to her awesomeness, and an untapped daring side ... One misdirected phone call in her law firm changes her life, piques her curiosity and entices her dirty girl to open an email link that's subject is NSFW from Josh, just Josh ... she just can't help herself, this could be a potential new client right? So clicky click wins. Like a ginormous lottery win!! The 'All About The D' blog site pops up, and holy hot stuff is this gonna be a HUGE new client!

"Be still my nerdy-girl heart!" - Evie

Joshua Cartwright is a big deal, very big ... gorgeous, philanthropic and a well-known architect, but it's his celebrity popularity as Portland's most eligible bachelor from a very prominent family that keeps the gossip sites buzzing. He has a hidden rebellious streak and a whole lot of secret sexy wild side! Then one stupid bet with his best friend, sets Josh on a dare to share his peen to the world, anonymously making sinfully beautiful, artistic dick pics for his insanely infamous blog, 'All About The D.' Now it's two million followers big and growing with every new post! A lucrative offer to make sex toys with his spectacular cocktopus is on the table and he needs a lawyer to get the best deal possible to cover his assets, to protect his true identity and his family name ... but Josh takes this double-life to a whole new peentastic level ...

"How do I tell her that I need legal services to protect my intellectual property, namely prized pictures of my dick, without telling her that I need legal services for my, uh, dick?" - Josh

Thankfully, Lex and Leslie used their ingenious dorkalicious powers for good, it's pure NSFW super duper RomCom heart melting heaven! All the adorable, lovable sexiness combined with the emotional, personal dilemmas Evelyn andJosh must face, make this a deeply moving story that really touched my heart ...

Josh and Evie both must weigh what's more important ... Obligations or happiness? Secrets or dreams? Client or lover? Do they play it safe where they act the way everyone expects them to, or do they choose to be with the one person that makes them smile, and makes them happy just being their true selves? Adulting choices can be life altering ...

“I feel good when I’m with you.” 
“Me too,” I say, and kiss her gently.
She whispers, “I keep trying to tell myself that this is wrong. That this is a bad move. That this could be career-ending for me and humiliating for you and your family if anyone found out.” I still, hoping she’s feeling as invested in this relationship as I am, at least enough to push past her fears.
“But this feels too good for it to be wrong, you know?”
Relieved, I pull her closer. “I know.” - Josh

I'm thinking I'm gonna be keeping a running D pic in my head for a very, very long time after reading this like four times already! PS: I'd love this book to have pics, lots and lots of pics, or maybe a link to Josh's blog ... yum!

I love to make passes at hot guys in glasses, and Josh Cartwright is HAF! That sizzling cover alone made me melty all over! FYI ... I volunteer as tribute to be Josh's official Fluffer!

"Is Josh Cartwright the universe’s way of giving me a high five after years of giving me the finger? Part of me worries I’m still dreaming." - Evie

Don't miss out on the D!! Go get some D today because it looks like there's gonna be an AATD sequel!

**All quotes from this book are for review purposes only**