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Gotta Re-Read! Man Candy by Melanie Harlow

Holy Epic Hotness! Awesome RomCom!! Amazing Angst!
I love love love reading Man Candy by Melanie Harlow over and over!!
Hysterical and Hot! Quinn and Jaime sizzle all the sexy right off the pages!

“All I’d wanted was a little man candy, and he was offering me an entire meal.” - Jaime

Such a great “If you love something set it free” romance!

I adored how this story really gets to the heart of Jaime’s fears about forgiveness, love and commitment … but I really loved how Quinn backed away and had so much trusting faith that Jaime would see him for more than just the “friends with benefits” good time … It's over the top freakin Quinntastic!!

“Quinn Rusek could be my someone. He could. It didn’t have to mean that I was wrong about everlasting love being a myth—it could just mean I was willing to take a chance on getting closer to someone ... I just had to figure out how to let him without losing my bearings … or my heart.” - Jaime

Jaime Owens is a wild whirlwind of angst! She is the true definition of an independent in charge woman. She loves men and she loves all the play with none of the pay … and she has all her unbreakable, steadfast rules to prove it. No one will ever penetrate her thick emotional walls or break her heart … again. Especially not Quinn Rusek. He had his chance years ago, and now she will show him all he's been missing. Just friends with sexy benefits … no strings, no messy lovey dovey heart gooiness to mess up her life … it's just too bad for her she's still absolutely addicted to Quinn and now obsessed with his bod too.

"I couldn’t help it. There it was, right in front of me, the Dick that Got Away. And it was big and hard and thick. It was one of those pretty ones, too, know what I mean? One of those tall, symmetrical ones planted in a manscaped yard? Figured that Quinn would have a perfect dick. It was probably magical too.” - Jaime

Quinn’s life isn't all that it seems. Sure he's a soon to be retired hot model, and yes, he has loads of Instagram followers from his panty melting selfies and he has dreams to start a new path for his life, but now he also has his best friend’s sister living upstairs. The one he felt was forbidden. The one he always wanted but never thought he could have. The woman who makes him dream of forever and family. The one person whose known him forever and still lights him up when he sees her … After all these years, this Jaime has attitude, walls, and her guards up … well, challenge accepted miss “I have rules” … and aren't rules made to be broken? Let the sexy games to prove to Jamie love does exist begin … with him.

"What the fuck was the world coming to when a guy finally wanted to talk about feelings with a woman and she said no? And why on earth had I bet her I could make her believe in love? What the hell was I going to do or say or show her to convince her it was real? … she’d given me little tastes of its sweetness in between all the teasing and rulestating—like the chewy, gooey center in a hard candy lollipop. I grinned. Maybe I just had to lick my way to it." - Quinn

This is one of the funniest, most romantic, and best erotic romances I have ever read! Great feels, great sexiness and great characters! Stellar Reading! I am totally in love with this book and I can never get enough of Quinn!! Best Book Boyfriend Ever!

Melanie Harlow writes some of the most amazing-total-turn-on sex scenes I've ever fanned myself in a book over … so beyond the WOW! Man Candy seriously gets five kindle melting stars from me every time!

**All quotes from this book are for review purposes only**