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Gotta Re-Read!! Craving (Steel Brothers One) by Helen Hardt

Extreme Emotions!
Seduction and secrets surround Talon Steel, and only one woman can penetrate his armored heart.

Craving is part one of Talon’s three part story in the Steel Brothers series by Helen Hardt. This book is so so much more than I ever expected and her writing is absolutely amazing!

Talon is the one of the bravest, sexiest, most tortured heroes that I've ever read! It's emotional, exciting and engaging. Heart breaking, heart-wrenching and heart-flustering on every single page! Brilliantly bold and salaciously sensual, Talon’s story took me on such a winding, twisted ride through many dark tunnels, only to finally see shadowy glimpses of Talon’s turmoil ... with one hell of a cliffhanger! I can only hope to see some light shine through as Jade and Talon’s struggle continues in the next two books, Obsession and Possession.

Talon Steel has many painful secrets. Many emotional walls. Many dark needs. He protected his country, protected his family, and now protects his heart ... but one unique woman is getting under his skin, unraveling all his defenses, one enticing thread at a time, and Talon can't resist his cravings for her body, for her heart and for her smile. Jade Roberts will be a insatiable desire he will never be able to quench and a love he fears he will never deserve. A horrific childhood trauma taunts him, haunts him, and Talon has no future with Jade until he confronts his devastating past.

“I'll never love you." ...
"You’ve made that clear. What you haven't made clear is why you want me."
"Because I crave you. I crave your lips, your tongue, your body pressed against mine. I crave your sweet little pussy, your lips wrapped around my cock. I want to take you, own you, possess you for a night. I want to fuck you and fuck you and fuck you until neither of us can take it anymore."
His eyes glowed, his dark nipples hardened and his erection was apparent underneath his pajama pants.
“I'm so hard for you right now, like granite. And maybe, Jade, maybe if I fuck you and take you, I'll get this goddamn craving out of my system.”

Jade Roberts is embarking on a new life, a new career and a new image of the woman she thought she should be and now focuses of the woman she dreams to be. Taking her best friend up on her offer to live in Colorado to lick her wounds, and get her bearings, Jade lusts for the one man she always felt was unattainable ... Talon Steel is gorgeous, broody, and sex personified ... he revs up all her girly parts like no other. So this is what it feels like to be a wanted woman, deliciously desired by this troubled, guarded, taciturn man, and who’s slowly becoming her obsession. The more Talon Steel’s mixed messages push her away, the more she’s drawn to him, craves him ... Now if she can just keep herself from melting into nothingness every time he kisses her ... but it's too late, in-spite of vowing to never lose her heart to this man who could never love her back ... Talon already owns her, heart and soul.

“He unclenched his fingers from my shoulders and trailed one hand up my neck to cup my cheek. And I was lost. I could never resist a face toucher. I loved the feeling of being so treasured by someone ... I was in heaven, floating on a magical cloud. The kiss was still deep, and I returned it passionately, but it was soft now, almost ... loving.”

This book took my breath away! I cried and sobbed so hard for Talon all the way through ... and Jade, so sweet and so caring, making some pretty hard decisions trying to help, was just so agonizing! So much suspenseful intrigue and so many nightmarish flashbacks ... bone-chilling!
(Take note: this series comes with warnings ... so please take that into consideration before you read)

This is a series that I am completely addicted to and will stick with me forever ... Talon’s rough realizations and brave recovery is such an awe-inspiring journey!
I can't wait to re-read Obsession and Possession to finish Jade and Talon’s rocky road to HEA!

**All quotes in this post from the book are for review purposes only**