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Gotta Re-Read! Glimmer by Beth Kery

Would you succumb to Dylan Fall?  Will Alice?
Glints of mystery and flashes of lust fill each page in the intensely seductive story, Glimmer by Beth Kery.
Such a great read! I was equally haunted and hooked all the way through!
There's a lot more to Alice Reed than she seems, more than she even knows ... and there's so much more to Dylan Fall than first meets the eye.

Beth Kery’s amazing writing lights up her characters Alice and Dylan and their blazing chemistry with a scintillating secluded setting and layers of addictive plot twists.

Dylan Fall is not just a reclusive CEO, but a loyal, generous man with a big philanthropic heart who had a rough childhood and now he pays it forward.

Alice Reed is more than her college degrees and horrible family ties would imply. She's guarded, intelligent and feels like an outsider, but she's also kind, determined and driven to be a great mentor to underprivileged kids.

The story slowly elevates the strange happenings as it exposes Alice and Dylan's painful pasts and present anxieties, hinting at a glowing future someday. This romance made my heart beat excitedly but eerily heavy for Dylan and Alice’s unconventional relationship, as they grapple to just find love in a sparkling clandestine affair wrought with taboo desires and shadowy secrets that will change their lives forever ... Could Dylan Fall be Alice's knight in shining armor, and the man to slay her dragons?

I am over-the-moon happy with how the story is totally unexpected and unpredictable, only giving me glimmers of spooky clues, keeping me guessing and on edge from cover to cover. Plus, all the bondage love making was sensually erotic and beautifully portrayed with wonderful tenderness ... just so gooood!

Dylan Fall’s commanding needs for control in all aspects of his life is intoxicating while Alice Reed’s mistrust and insecurities fuels her desire for surrender, but only in the bedroom. I really felt their spark and connection, their shared obsession and their desperate need to be needed ... truly an emotionally charged and salaciously sexy story.

“You feel like sin straight up,” - Dylan

The word “glimmer” by definition is: a faint or wavering light; a dim perception. This story feels just like that ... a glimmer, a glimpse into the mysterious man and his addiction to all things Alice Reed ... It's a bright flash into an irresistible attraction between Dylan and Alice, that only shines intermittently in the dark stillness of the night. To Alice, Dylan is like a far-off glittery star, secretly and seductively drawing Alice’s eye. But also like a shimmering mist, he envelopes and protects her, making her last remaining hopes twinkle to life.

“God, the man knew how to fuck.” Alice

Each time with Dylan is an overwhelming adventure, and Alice knows that whatever is happening to her with this attentive, enigmatic man in their secret late night play times ... the clock is ticking. All this may be confusing, may be exhilarating, may even be a bit scary but it also may be her heart’s demise by the end of the six-week executives camp at his luxurious estate. She only has uneasy feelings and dim, fleeting flickers into who Dylan Fall really is and what he may be really capable of.

“You're a miracle to me. I wanted to tell you the second I saw you. So much.” - Dylan

Glimmer is part one of Alice and Dylan's story, it is enthralling and edgy, addictive and fresh, with many layers of gripping mystery ... A very different erotic romance with powerfully sensitive D/s scenes and emotionally vulnerable characters that really touched me. In the end, it's not really a cliffhanger but not really a total HEA either ... it's just enough to keep me wanting more!

Beth Kery never disappoints with her thrillingly engaging plots and her sensually erotic romances! Her stories make all my senses go crazy and I love being in her book worlds!
I'll always be in complete awe of her work and I can't wait to start the second part of this duet, Glow!

**All quotes in this post from the book are for review purposes only**