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Gotta Read! Cocky Chef by J.D. Hawkins

Finding your dream. Following your heart. Falling in love.

If only Cocky Chef had pictures! What a mouthwatering reading experience!

J.D. Hawkins' deliciously detailed descriptions of Cole and Willow’s chef’s skills and their insta-connection over their shared love of food, not only made me lust for their culinary creations but J.D. made the whole sexy story mega drool-worthy on every page!

The fresh and unique sights, sounds and smells made my imagination come alive with J.D.’s authentic writing, making me wish I was more of a foodie and going to more upscale restaurants!

Reading Cocky Chef seems fitting for my three-year blog birthday post … I love food, I love to eat and I love devouring this book! I was captivated by Cole and his self-confident sexiness and I was wowed by Willow and her passionate drive to achieve her dreams.

Their chemistry together in and out of the kitchen sizzled right off the pages! Cole set my imagination on fire and drove me wild … he is such an arrogant perfectionist on the outside and irresistibly vulnerable inside, he's the perfect bad boy!

What makes this story such a great contemporary romance for me is how Cole and Willow’s story made me feel, how it made me think about what's truly important at the end of the day. What makes someone special and what is trust. I love that at the center of this romance story is two guarded people, who once trusted, were betrayed, and slowly learned to get past all the hurt, break down their walls and let this very special relationship show them what love really means. So so moving!

I love all the heart warming places the characters took me to and took me on … their hopes and dreams, their struggles and conflicts, their heartache and growth, the healing and the love … I felt like I was really seeing Cole and Willow thriving in Los Angeles and I myself was experiencing it too in a whole new way, totally immersed in the hectic restaurant world.

This story could almost become a cookbook! I really want to make some of these dishes! I could almost taste all that wonderful food that's described, hear all the amazing heated banter, and see all the explosive passion between Cole and Willow … this book should have come with many tasty amuse-bouche and savory smell-avision!

Cocky Chef made me hungry and not just for food … and what an epic swoony ending!! J.D. has done it again, another amazing book I'm just crazy about!!