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Gotta Read! The Duchess Deal (Girl Meets Duke #1) by Tessa Dare

Warm! Wonderful! Witty! I'm in seventh reading-heaven! I'm listening to the incredible audiobook and reading the charming eBook of The Duchess Deal by Tessa Dare, at the same time! Huzzah! It's enchanting, funny, romantic and heart-melting! Cross my heart, I could not stop reading or stop listening!

Tessa Dare’s remarkable Regency story is sheer brilliance! All the many layers of emotions and all the lively words make such vivid pictures in my head.

The heroine is determined and smart, a woman-out-of-time who will look at the challenge straight in front of her and give it a wink ... then add the dashing, handsome, imperfectly-perfect hero who loves her just as she is, or in spite of it, makes this a wonderfully romantic read!

The Duchess Deal feels like The Beauty and the Beast fairytale, which ... hello, I'm a huge fan, but this story twirls it up into so much more! Emma and Ash are completely engaging and sizzling hot together! I love these characters who start out as total strangers and accidentally on purpose unite, then very inconveniently and passionately fall in love!

The stubbornly sweet seamstress boldly blustering her way into the gruff and snarky Duke’s domain is such an enjoyable scene! I absolutely loved it! All the teasing funny banter and all the sensual love games just won me over right from the start! Emma's relentless search for the perfect pet name of endearment, that drove Ashbury to delicious distraction is laugh out loud adorable! Then all the ways Ashbury is befuddled and in speechless awe of Emma, trying to hold back his attractions and push her away, but failing so miserably is quite endearing ... sigh-worthy really!

Emma Gladstone has only two options ... knock on the Duke’s door and get the money she's owed for a finished, ghastly ornate wedding gown that went unclaimed by the Duke’s ex-fiancé or take the Duke’s astonishingly shocking new deal worth a great deal more than a few coin ... It can't be! Can it? He's talking about marriage!

Could a mere victor’s daughter, a penniless seamstress nobody truly marry a wealthy, handsome rogue of a Duke somebody?

Was Ashbury truly asking her to marry him or was he just in need of a mistress?

Emma was too stunned to reply! All she wanted was to have her own shop, heal her betrayed heart, hide from the vicious father who disparaged her reputation and threw her out ... now she's faced with an outlandish offer, and she'd be a fool to decline, right?

The extremely reclusive, beast of a man, Ashbury is a desperate Duke with many secret facets. Some good, some bad, but he is lustfully determined to make sure this angelic, frustrating seamstress accepts his generous deal ... not only to take his hand in marriage, he also wants to make Emma a rich duchess and the mother of his heirs ... if only she'd sign the damn contract!

He’d make her his broodmare, sure, but he'd shield her from the wickedly gossipy society, his unsightly war wounds and obnoxious, surly attitudes with all his well thought out rules. He can please her, breed her, then send her to the country to keep her safe, and never have to slice open his heart to rejection and ridicule ever again once he has an heir ... But that sexy, sassy little scoundrel went ahead and simply stitched up his tattered heart without Ashbury’s consent! Now, what was he supposed to do?

An arrangement of “convenience” this is not!

Anybody who loves regency romances, will adore this book! it's just so fantastic and truly funny! Tessa Dare sure has a magical way with words!! Five Stars!!