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Shouldn’t Want You (Cataclysm 2) by Jerica MacMillan

All the swoons! Oh what a brilliant story! The girl-next-door nanny and the single-dad rock star! Wow! It’s the best! I’m obsessed with this new book, Shouldn’t Want You, by Jerica MacMillan!


Ava and Danny are magnetic and magnificent together! All their differences and all their similarities just match up like the perfect puzzle pieces to make each other whole. I love how the story flows, changes, grows, and twists to slowly, deeply and passionately develop a swoony love connection for Ava and Danny. The storytelling and writing is engaging and enchanting, with all the heart-throbbing bells and swoony whistles from beginning to end!! An absolute delight to read!! Ava and Danny and Eli just captured my heart!

Ava’s life is not following her ultimate plan ... so many hopes and dreams just evaporated when one seemingly great decision changed her life outlook forever. Once a college coed on full scholarship with family adoration, she finds herself an outcast from everyone, no more job nor school, and unable to finish her degree. An ad on a help wanted site seems like her only opportunity to earn some money and get a roof over her head. Nailing the live-in nanny gig may be a dream come true in these desperate times, but meeting the gorgeous walking, talking, single dad, rock star dream man puts up all the be-wary-red-flares in Ava’s heart. She’s here for the adorable two year old, not the fantasy man she now has to live with.

Danny has had a whirlwind life and that doesn’t seem to be stopping any time soon. The new cute nanny calms his weary rock star soul, but she seems as walled up as he is. Lessons learned the hard way as they say, and he has now learned the hardest of all, fatherhood. Thank the stars for his parents raising his two year old up till now, and he has a long tour ahead. No more life of parties and groupies and no more sex with strangers. Fool me once, etc ... but Ava seems different, looks different and acts different. She didn’t even know who he was or that he is a lead singer and guitarist for his band, Cataclysm. That’s a breathe of fresh air. A woman here to do her nanny job, not a flirty-get-in-my-pants job. Only, why does he want to spend time with her, get to know her, make her laugh like she does with his son Eli? What is it about her that draws him in like a moth to a flame? All his beware-flags are flying and he will not make that mistake again, no matter how much he loves the feelings of the sensational connection they have, like she’s the one. But that’s just a fantasy in his love songs, right?